Kurt Genius

In the early nineties in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Greg Lester, John Kaczanowski and I adopted Superstar names (per Andy Warhol).  Greg became Gregory Anorexia, John became John Naked and I became Kurt Genius (the origin of the Naked Genius Productions title).  Each one of our names permutated through several forms, Greg especially excelled at coming up with new names, sometimes almost at a quarterly rate, while I pretty much stuck to the Kurt Genius name, though I think for awhile I was the Blonde Kurt Genius.

When I first moved to the west coast I was very broke and had a lot of spare time on my hands (kind of like now, only I'm not broke anymore - knock on wood) and John had a four track, a drum machine, a guitar and a microphone and I had a beat up old Casio-tone keyboard.  We both recorded a whole slew of songs, some together, but mostly solos.  

In going back and re-mastering these songs I was overwhelmed with embarrassment and shame so I was very discerning about which pieces I decided to keep.  I destroyed all of the original cassettes after these re-masters were finished (I did this mostly to free myself of the burden of the energy that the cassettes demanded of me).

The following collection is my best work from that time.  I hope that you enjoy it!

The Kurt Genius Memorial Song Book