Saturday, May 05, 2018

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22 Years Past 1994


Cat peed on Tegs 1994 book. This prompted me to read it or dispose of it.  I decided to read it. It was published in 1972. It takes place in 1994. That was 22 years in the futute. I have had the book for nearly a decade. It is now 22 years AFTER 1994. Playing Gravity Rush with a black cat.

Greg left me a message about a Mork from  Ork custom car from the 1970s this morning. Sarah later  texted me that Robin Williams was on the SVU she was watching.

Saw Trainwreck.  100 year old man in it directed Special Delivery episode of Alfred HItchcock that I had been putting off watching until that day

1967: The Year Last Week


Listening to the Who wont get fooled again before work. I look out my windshield and tje car ahead of me has a license plate Hoo Dat.


The year 1967 popped up 4 times last week. Watched Clambake. 1967. Reading Edgar Cayce. 1967.


Listened ro RAP and Shaver. Then their was biographer of Shaver on Paracast.

Last night X Files Mulder swapped bodies with Majestic agent. Family Guy was about Brian and Stewie changing bodies. Started my Destroy all Humans game where I had left off and the mission is calles Majestic.

On the family guy happy so t say mirror gag that Fox mulder

Synchromystic Studies

I was playing silver Case by suda 51 and then I was watching Manhunt Unabomber and I realize that there  are thematic similarities.

there was a line in the silver case where erica was saying that the only way to make sure that you weren't being monitored was if you left and lived out in the middle of the desert or something

I'd already been watching the Unabomber and
I was kind of Blown Away that the Unabomber never called himself the Unabomber he called himself forest Club (I found out recently my friend ran a pool hall called Forest Playstation) and that he didn't like the term Manifesto because he felt like he didn't like the way he talks about specificity in language

The next day, the 30th, an episode of the Ray Bradbury Theatre concerning an inmate who condemns telephones in much the same way as Kacynski.

A month and a half later. On Feb 21st I see Winchester. Today I am listening to X-Files Agemt of Chaos audiobook. The last name of Mulders friend in the book is Winchester.  The book the Martian Chronicles, which I read a graphic novel adaptation of last week, is also mentioned.  This book was written by Ray Bradbury.

'People ask me:  Where do you get your ideas?' - Ray Bradbury