Thursday, May 03, 2018

Billy Graham Lays In State

Billy Graham Lays in state like Lenin. A glass coffin. Large slabs of colored concrete encase the preacher in a manner that competes with, yet also silently judges, the Soviets.

The image of Lenin laying in state, preserved for all to see, was something I kept thinking about a month or so ago. I pulled up pictures of his eternal resting place.

Seeing Billy Graham on the Megiddo II documentary mafe me think of his recent death and this was soon followed by an image of Graham, with his mane of hair and strong jaw entombed under glass like the Soviet hero.

Billy Graham. An interesting character. I do not know much about him. I did see a film late one night when I used to work noc shift at the group home. It was a story about a troubled man. The film went on for a good 45 minutes until Billy Graham arrived.

I should look into this film.

I was watching the Dean Martin celebraty Roast and Billy Graham was a guest. Odd seeing him trade barbs with Don Rickles. I saw Rickles perform live twice. On both occassions he chastised an older woman in the front row saying "I don't know what you want lady, this ain't the Billy Graham crusade."

An interesting term: Crusade. Not a choice that one uses lightly.