Saturday, May 19, 2018

My Drug of Choice? Infection

After the anxiety clears and you are able to relax you find the clouded senses can make for some interesting trains of thought. This time around, however, I have not been able to enjoy myself. The infection has led to irritability. Now I am plagued with knee jerk reactions to news items and misperceived slights.

I couldn't relax into a movie and instead fumbled around the dial looking for something perfect. Of course there was nothing perfect. So I sulked like a spoiled child.

Where does this listlessness come from?  Why can I not enjoy the free time that I so often crave when it finally comes around? Perhaps this is too broad a generalization. Perhaps it is the infection having an unintended consequnce this time around.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Adam Parfrey A"H.

I was saddened to learn of the untimely passing of Adam Parfrey. He was one of the first people who agreed to an interview for my Plaza of the Mind project. He was a true free thinker and provided a literary venue to some of the most extreme voices out there. His is a dying breed.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Synchromysticism and the Superman

At work on Sunday G---- brought up the film Shattered Glass. Last night watched the X-Files episode Hungry. Was curious about who the star of that episode was as he reminded me of Christian Bale. His name is Chad Donella. This morning I watched the Apokolips Now episodes of the late nineties Superman cartoon. I then decided to watch Richard Donner's Superman, (maybe subconsciously thinking of Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now?) watched the first 46 minutes of it. I then decided to check out Smallville, as I had never seen it but knew that D---- enjoyed it quite a bit. On Episode 2 Chad Donella played Bug Boy. A strangely similar monster as the one in the X-Files episode in that they both had body parts come off. I came upstairs to check my wifi connection and when I logged on I saw that Margot Kidder had passed away.

Saturday, May 05, 2018

New Logo

22 Years Past 1994


Cat peed on Tegs 1994 book. This prompted me to read it or dispose of it.  I decided to read it. It was published in 1972. It takes place in 1994. That was 22 years in the futute. I have had the book for nearly a decade. It is now 22 years AFTER 1994. Playing Gravity Rush with a black cat.

Greg left me a message about a Mork from  Ork custom car from the 1970s this morning. Sarah later  texted me that Robin Williams was on the SVU she was watching.

Saw Trainwreck.  100 year old man in it directed Special Delivery episode of Alfred HItchcock that I had been putting off watching until that day

1967: The Year Last Week


Listening to the Who wont get fooled again before work. I look out my windshield and tje car ahead of me has a license plate Hoo Dat.


The year 1967 popped up 4 times last week. Watched Clambake. 1967. Reading Edgar Cayce. 1967.


Listened ro RAP and Shaver. Then their was biographer of Shaver on Paracast.

Last night X Files Mulder swapped bodies with Majestic agent. Family Guy was about Brian and Stewie changing bodies. Started my Destroy all Humans game where I had left off and the mission is calles Majestic.

On the family guy happy so t say mirror gag that Fox mulder

Synchromystic Studies

I was playing silver Case by suda 51 and then I was watching Manhunt Unabomber and I realize that there  are thematic similarities.

there was a line in the silver case where erica was saying that the only way to make sure that you weren't being monitored was if you left and lived out in the middle of the desert or something

I'd already been watching the Unabomber and
I was kind of Blown Away that the Unabomber never called himself the Unabomber he called himself forest Club (I found out recently my friend ran a pool hall called Forest Playstation) and that he didn't like the term Manifesto because he felt like he didn't like the way he talks about specificity in language

The next day, the 30th, an episode of the Ray Bradbury Theatre concerning an inmate who condemns telephones in much the same way as Kacynski.

A month and a half later. On Feb 21st I see Winchester. Today I am listening to X-Files Agemt of Chaos audiobook. The last name of Mulders friend in the book is Winchester.  The book the Martian Chronicles, which I read a graphic novel adaptation of last week, is also mentioned.  This book was written by Ray Bradbury.

'People ask me:  Where do you get your ideas?' - Ray Bradbury

Thursday, May 03, 2018

Billy Graham Lays In State

Billy Graham Lays in state like Lenin. A glass coffin. Large slabs of colored concrete encase the preacher in a manner that competes with, yet also silently judges, the Soviets.

The image of Lenin laying in state, preserved for all to see, was something I kept thinking about a month or so ago. I pulled up pictures of his eternal resting place.

Seeing Billy Graham on the Megiddo II documentary mafe me think of his recent death and this was soon followed by an image of Graham, with his mane of hair and strong jaw entombed under glass like the Soviet hero.

Billy Graham. An interesting character. I do not know much about him. I did see a film late one night when I used to work noc shift at the group home. It was a story about a troubled man. The film went on for a good 45 minutes until Billy Graham arrived.

I should look into this film.

I was watching the Dean Martin celebraty Roast and Billy Graham was a guest. Odd seeing him trade barbs with Don Rickles. I saw Rickles perform live twice. On both occassions he chastised an older woman in the front row saying "I don't know what you want lady, this ain't the Billy Graham crusade."

An interesting term: Crusade. Not a choice that one uses lightly.

Wednesday, May 02, 2018


Billy Graham Lays in state like Lenin. A glass coffin. Large slabs of colored concrete encase the preacher in a manner that competes with, yet also silently judges, the Soviets.

My current exercise is to meditate or astrally project, trying to match my current energies with the energies of myself thirty years ago.  To inhabit, or at the very least, communicate with, my 16 year old body.

I tried this years ago but I keep getting distracted.

Megiddo 2 on Amazon channel TV.  The last time I looked at the screen there was Billy Graham, now it's Jesus but I don't know what any of it means...

Your face warps into strange shapes, when you frown, your expressive full lips affect me.   I feel as though I would find your dermis disturbing.

The cat is trying to cuddle up on my shoulder.... the crook of my arm.

I just flashed to an image of an area of Ramblewood South.  It is a parking lot facing North,  we are cleaning one set of buildings, their parking lot has a high wall on one side.  I enjoy cleaning it.  It is a good way to spend the day and I feel like the day is a day to baby myself.  To go without guilt, without shame.

The definition of 'worthwhile' is totally subjective: thinking of B.....'s husband.  He also has self-doubts.

And this last phrase from the auto-dictate software deserves to be repeated:  'myself doubts perhaps some moments to repeat certainly feels possible the weirdest song...'