Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Vertically adjustable ceiling

After looking at the modern meeting room ceilings of several business and medical centers it becomes apparent how difficult it is to the maintain the cleanliness of the intricate series of recessed light fixtures, hanging lamps, video projectors, audio speakers, smoke and co2 detectors, climate control vents and sprinkler heads. An average sized room would not be too difficult to service but the rooms with higher ceilings, the fourteen, fifteen and sixteen foot ones can become a challenge and/or danger.

Perhaps it would benefit the environmental services worker if the ceiling could be raised and lowered at will. It could also make for a refreshing aesthetic change dependent on whether the tone of the meetings in question wanted the cozy feel of a low ceiling for small presentations or the grandeur of the high ceiling for larger exhibitions.

Medical Center with Fountain

The medical center I am visiting today has a fountain in it: it is quite fancy. I enjoy the feeling that I get from being here. I feel that it is quite important for an environment to be relaxing.

It is, however, only half of the equation. For an environment to be truly relaxing it must couple the physical with the spiritual. A nice environment with a poor spirit becomes horrifying, the environment taking on a sinister tone that was not the intent of the architect.

In order to assure a healthy spirit the management must be diligent in ensuring the prolonged mental health of those employed within it's walls. It is only when the pristine condition of the area is matched by the morale of the worker that a place can truly shine.