Monday, September 08, 2014

No Metaphor

It always seems like the same thing over and over again.  A long hallway with no windows, apparently leading nowhere, and a person in some sort of work uniform walking through them.  That's the idea that always comes to me, that's the way I want to start everything out.  So there was this guy in his work outfit walking down a long hallway with no windows.  Anyone reading would think that I am trying to be metaphorical, the hallway represents this, the fact that there are no windows represents this; but I'm not trying to be metaphorical.  I'm not trying to make some statement about alienation or consumerism or our society or any of that.  I try to convey a mood, sure, because that is what I really care about, but even that doesn't really get established until we follow this guy for awhile and see what the hallway looks like.  What color the walls are, what kind of floor coverings he is walking upon.  are the doors made of metal or wood?  Is the lighting dim or bright or is it comfortable?  All of these things come together to create this mood.  But metaphor?  No.  Not trying to establish a metaphor.  Just trying to establish a scene.  And it seems to always be the same scene with me.  A long hallway with no windows, apparently leading nowhere, and a guy in his work uniform walking through them.

Obviously I'm the guy.  I don't know why I always try to be coy about that fact.  I even started out by saying person as if to suggest that it could be someone other than a man.  But it's me, or rather the cartoon version of myself that I always draw at work.  about fifty pounds lighter with a Stan Laurel haircut.  Shirt buttoned up all the way to the top.  On the clock but doing nothing but walking through hallways.  A perturbed look on my face like I am trying to solve some complex problem but am actually daydreaming about some science fiction landscape I would rather be in, despite the fact that the windowless hallway itself is a staple of science fiction.  But I always want the door to open to something stranger than it does, something panoramic, something horrifying or beautiful.  Somewhere other than the place I am find myself walking in.

So I was walking through a long hallway with no windows, apparently leading nowhere, allowing myself to daydream because the parcel I needed to pick up was at the very end of the hall, and it took a few minutes, even at a brisk pace, to get there.  This hallway was the longest one in the building, extending nearly two city blocks.  This gives you some sense of its length though block length usually varies from town to town.  The ceiling in this part of hallway was quite tall but once I passed the elevator bank that was steadily approaching on the right it would become much lower.