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No Metaphor

It always seems like the same thing over and over again.A long hallway with no windows, apparently leading nowhere, and a person in some sort of work uniform walking through them.That's the idea that always comes to me, that's the way I want to start everything out.So there was this guy in his work outfit walking down a long hallway with no windows.Anyone reading would think that I am trying to be metaphorical, the hallway represents this, the fact that there are no windows represents this; but I'm not trying to be metaphorical.I'm not trying to make some statement about alienation or consumerism or our society or any of that.I try to convey a mood, sure, because that is what I really care about, but even that doesn't really get established until we follow this guy for awhile and see what the hallway looks like.What color the walls are, what kind of floor coverings he is walking upon.are the doors made of metal or wood?Is the lighting dim or bright or is it comfor…