Thursday, June 03, 2010

Project:: Brittany

Kurt Weller Guestron
One wonders about Simon, the widower of Brittany Murphy, due to the image of Brittany in white and he in black standing watchfully behind.

Kurt Weller Guestron Simon Monjack wrote 2 films: 'Factory Girl' & '2 Days 9 Lives'. Both should be viewed in order to gain insight into Brittany's death.

Kurt Weller Guestron Kafka never wandered about Prague with a Big Gulp in hand. Would this be true had he been born during the latter half of the century?

Kurt Weller Guestron I will have to speak to Bob in depth on our Monday show. She may not have died. She may have simply rift rode.

Kurt Weller Guestron Sitting in the airport lounge waiting for my flight to Hollywood to speak to Simon. I look up from my drink and find that be has just died.

Kurt Weller Guestron Final boarding call. I am sitting in row 27 Seat C. I hate the window seat. I should be in my rental car heading towards the estate in four.

Kurt Weller Guestron Just left JFK international in a Chevrolet Cobalt and am heading for my hotel, a Radisson about fifteen miles away from the Hollywood hills.

Kurt Weller Guestron I hit the mini-bar pretty hard while watching 'Across the Hall'. It was a solid noir picture but then it began to mirror future events.

Kurt Weller Guestron Only 0130 yet I still feel tired from the flight. I plan on waking early, eating a free breakfast and going to the Murphy-Monjack estate.

Kurt Weller Guestron Threw on my beige corduroy blazer with leather elbow patches and hit the omelet bar down in the Lindberg room. Next stop Hollywood.

Kurt Weller Guestron Heading down Sunset Boulevard. Still rather perturbed that the omelet bar had a dish called an egg scramble rather than scrambled eggs.

Kurt Weller Guestron Just eye-ballled the estate. Sealed up tighter than Fort Knox. Gonna have to park down the street a ways and make my way back.

Kurt Weller Guestron Couldn't even get close but met some guy named Edgar. Stinks of paparazzi. I have him 75 bucks. Said he'd show me something interesting.

Kurt Weller Guestron Edgar gave me the number of a paparazzi named Sin-dee. She supposedly has a secret way into the estate. Is a female paparazzi a paparazza?

Kurt Weller Guestron Just left a message on Sin-Dee's phone. Strange message: Sounded like clips of the Dick Van Dyke show playing in the background.

Kurt Weller Guestron Forgot to mention, Bob's wasn't half bad. Wasn't very hungry so stuck with coffee and rhubarb pie. Better than that 'egg scramble'.

Kurt Weller Guestron Sin-Dee showed me the spot. But there were paparazzi all around. Gonna try again tomorrow night. HDTV looks more and more like a window.

Kurt Weller Guestron This is strange. 'The Ramen Girl' is on VOD. I can't seem to escape her. Simon said 'she was too beautiful to touch at 17' so he waited.

Kurt Weller Guestron Listening to Brittany's single 'Somebody to Love'. Eating more 'Egg Scramble'. Next stop: Edgar gave me the name of the coroner.

Kurt Weller Guestron Let's just say that the coroner was no Quincy. But his assistant, who wants to be called Lite Throat had a few morsels.

Kurt Weller Guestron Lite Throat just dropped a bombshell. I am kind of freaked out and have locked myself in my hotel room. Turned the TV off: Clueless was on.

Kurt Weller Guestron Been staring out window at the California sky. All the cars. All the danger. Still gonna meet with Sin-Dee tonight though. Time is fleeting.

Kurt Weller Guestron