Saturday, May 15, 2010


I have been an avid video game player since video games were invented. I have probably played games in one form or another at least four to five days a week almost all of my life. Lately I have been spending a lot of time playing handhelds and I realized that this was just a bit too much. I have decided, therefore, to limit my gaming to my home systems and that I would replace the hand held gaming on the go with Twitter.

I am not especially fond of Twitter and have found the limited amount of tweets that I have been exposed to to be tiresome at best. However, I did appreciate the 140 character limit imposition of the medium and thought that the time that I usually spend playing hand held video games may be better spent in honing my sentences. I have therefore begun a Twitter account and invite anyone that may be interested to follow it.

You can do so here.

I am unsure of how you can follow a person, my suggestion would be a daily or weekly digest of tweets [if such a thing is possible] as many of my tweets have ongoing themes. I will probably be posting them on a weekly basis here at the Plaza of the Mind as well if you don't care to bother with the whole Twitter community.

This is kind of an experimental exercise for me and I am actually quite happy with my first day of tweets:

Kurt Weller Guestron I was born in a city teeming with the Brutalist style of architecture. I loved it while many of my peers did not. This is the separation.
Kurt Weller Guestron There was a time when a man could run a gas station or soda fountain and feel proud, it is lamentable that the climate has changed.
Kurt Weller Guestron The culture could be well served by a bit more sturm und drang, pride in one's occupation and a removal of advertisement.

Kurt Weller Guestron I am quite taken by the iron hand worn by Gotz von Berlichingen, a 16th century Reichsritter, upon whose life Goethe wrote a play.

Kurt Weller Guestron Cataloging every ephemeral thought in preparation for eventual transfer into a body made of stainless steel and carbon fiber.
Kurt Weller Guestron I prefer flooring to be of an earth tone as well as walls and ceiling. I do not so much care for plain white.
Kurt Weller Guestron Thinking about the walk through the large new tunnel at work. There are seats in the middle of it for those who get tired.