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'A song by Mike' Rough Draft Video Version

I am proud to present my first new song in quite some time. It is called 'A Song about Mike'. It doesn't really have much to do with the holiday season but I felt creative so I 'bashed it out' - as they say... What the song is about is my preference of Michael Nesmith over John Lennon. Sort of the 'Blatant Phony over the Crypto Phony'....
The following video will be improved upon as time goes by, but I did feel a need to get this out to the public ASAP so I will let this serve as a place holder:

A Song By Mike
by Kurt Weller
You ask some people what they think
And they'll tell you that their favorite is John
They'll even ask you to sing one of his songs
At karaoke
But I say 'fuck that!'
I ain't gonna sing like that
I'd never sing a song by John
Cause that's not the shit that I like
No that's not the shit that I like
I'll never sing a song by John
I'll only sing a mother fucking song by Mike
In this motherfucking mic with my mic

More Green from one who loves Orange.

I enjoy this shade of green. I find it soothing. This is in no way a political statement. On a leftist site I read that 'all art is intrinsically political'. I could not disagree with this statement more. As Richard Serra has said, art is unnecessary to human survival, that is the stance I take on it. It need not have any political content at all.

I'm sure one could look into the green image in all sorts of ways and I suppose it would be right for them. For me, the creator of the image, however, I deny any politic.

There is the image and then there is the attempt to explain the image. I am in love with the former, I find the latter galling and exhausting. Published with Blogger-droid v1.6.5