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My Tom Green Album Cover

There was no album cover for Tom Green's Basement Jams recording so I decided to make one myself. I shared it over at

PotM Internet Talk Show Ep 8001 featuring Tesco Vee!

Tesco Vee on the Plaza of the Mind Internet Talk Show!

Check it out here!

The PotM Internet Talk Show welcomes musician Robert Hecker on July 27th!

I am pleased to announce that Robert Hecker, guitarist for Redd Kross and It's OK, will be joining me for some Internet Talk on Episode 9001!
I am very excited as I have been a huge Redd Kross fan for the last twenty years.
Please join us!

Portrait of Iggy Pop

'Iggy Pop'
Black Bic Inkpen and Highlighter on Copy Paper.

The Plaza of the Mind Internet Talk Show Interview with Stefene Russell

Due to extenuating circumstances my interview with Stefene Russell has been postponed. The new date will be posted when we figure out the details. Thanks for your understanding.

I am pleased to announce that Stefene Russell will be appearing on tonight's edition of the PotM Internet Talk Show.
Stefene Russell, actor, poet and author, blew me away when I first saw her in Trent Harris' Plan 10 From Outer Space. In 2007, I found out that Stefenehad done a recording of her poetry entitled Radioactive Cat Radio. In my attempts to track down the record I ended up contacting Stefene and she sent me out a copy of the CD for free! Stefene agreed to an email interview and now she will be appearing on the PotM Internet Talk Show! Please join us:

Project :: Brittany

I have begun working on the Project :: Brittany film, based on the Twitter piece of the same name, by recording a rough draft of the basic Film Core.
I will actually shoot the film in higher definition, however these three production stills should give one the idea of what the final Film Core will look like.
I look forward to presenting this short film, my first in several years, it debuts on August 1st at Vimeo.

That Novel I Started In 1997

Well, I'm proud to say that I put a good two to three hours into revisions this evening. It feels so good and right, as if I have somehow traveled back to that wonderful year when I was able to write like it was my job. I have had to delete so much text but it feels so good because I know that the text I am going to replace it with is going to be so much better. I think it is important that I am working on the original novel. I have had several false starts since I thought I finished it, perhaps the novel was just waiting for this time to come out. It feels so much like it is writing itself. It creeps me out at times....