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The Plaza of the Mind has Gone All Commercial!

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The Plaza of the Mind Interview with Stefene Russell

Stefene Russell, actor, poet and author, blew me away when I first saw her in Trent Harris' Plan 10 From Outer Space. In 2007, I found out that Stefene had done a recording of her poetry entitled Radioactive Cat Radio. In my attempts to track down the record I ended up contacting Stefene and she sent me out a copy of the CD for free! Stefene agreed to an email interview for my new Plaza of the Mind internet site. We conducted the following interview shortly thereafter via email. Unfortunately, events in my personal life sunk me into a sort of malaise that I am only now pulling myself out of. For some reason I kept putting off publishing this interview, I can't really say why, but for whatever reason, here it is now, three years later. My apologies to Ms. Russell for my untimeliness.

[The Plaza of the Mind quotes appear in Bold-type, Ms. Russell’s in normal-type]

I enjoyed your article Shoe Jail; it reminded me of the hell I went through as a hotel front desk agent. What …

Project:: Brittany

One wonders about Simon, the widower of Brittany Murphy, due to the image of Brittany in white and he in black standing watchfully behind.via UberTwitter

Guestron Simon Monjack wrote 2 films: 'Factory Girl' & '2 Days 9 Lives'. Both should be viewed in order to gain insight into Brittany's death.via UberTwitter

Guestron Kafka never wandered about Prague with a Big Gulp in hand. Would this be true had he been born during the latter half of the century?via UberTwitter

Guestron I will have to speak to Bob in depth on our Monday show. She may not have died. She may have simply rift rode.via UberTwitter

Guestron Sitting in the airport lounge waiting for my flight to Hollywood to speak to Simon. I look up from my drink and find that be has just died.via UberTwitter

Guestron Final boarding call. I am sitting in row 27 Seat C. I hate the window seat. I should be in my rental c…