Friday, March 19, 2010

[1991] The Tunnel

The Tunnel from naked GENIUS Productions on Vimeo.

In the summer of 1991, shortly after Greg and I had completed our first piece A, John and I shot footage in and around an abandoned railroad tunnel near Jim Crazy's house. Neither of us had a specific plan for what the piece was to be about. John was wearing white and I was wearing green and black, I think that the only thing I was wearing as part of a 'costume' were the glasses. When we got back to my folk's house we decided to watch the video, one of us thought it would be cool to have some classical music to fit the images so I threw the only classical record I had on the platter. The film synced up to the music in such an uncanny manner that the footage itself seemed instantly bonded to it. For me, and I trust John as well, we would never be able to separate the two again.

A plot can be sort of gleaned from the piece if one wants to do so. One could say that I play Mars while John plays Venus. The piece begins with war and ends with war with a respite of peace in between. Of course, in the end, the tunnel is the only thing that seems to last; and this seems to be the image that we wanted to celebrate.

-Kurt Weller

+Note concerning the new
naked Genius Productions feat. Greg Lester vimeo channel.+

All of the pieces on the vimeo channel have been remastered and re-edited in the manner that they were originally intended to be seen. The limitations in budget and equipment when the pieces were originally shot were quite high so they have been in a basically Work In Process state for the last several years. It hasn't been until now that we are able to present them in the way that we originally wanted them to be seen. So if you are one of the few who have seen them before you might want to give them a second glance. Thanks to all who have been with us over the last twenty years for their support!