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Experiments in Melancholia at the Area Grocer

I find myself spending more and more time at the cafeteria seating...

that has been springing up around many of the area grocers....

there is something lonely about this activity, though I am unsure if
the loneliness is inherent or...

if it calls back memories of Department store cafeteria dining with my grandmother when I was a child and the way that sadness seems to cling to the passage of time.

In the Rainforest


Hello all,

I wanted to announce some changes that you will be noticing at the Plaza of the Mind in the near future.

I have been a negligent caretaker as of late and have not been keeping up with the Plaza. I have been focusing most of my energy on remastering the remaining four track masters of songs that I created ten years ago, working on the Outer Channel Radio Show and putting together two books [which I will describe below].

Over the past two years here at the Plaza I have had the great opportunity to interview some of my favorite authors, artists and musicians, these interviews have been labeled the Plaza of the Mind Interview Series.

The first book that I am putting together is a collection of my interviews with Bob Dobbs and his colleagues and it will be entitled Conversations with the Canadian Media Ecological Intelligentsia and the Side Effects of those Interactions.

The second book will collect the Plaza of the Mind Interview Series and will also include unpublished interviews …