Sunday, June 29, 2008

More Jane Wiedlin FanFic

from Ape Culture:

I seem to remember her sitting around the campfire crying about having no friends, but now she's got a plastic freakazoid by her side. They seem well-matched. Jane goes to the meeting wearing a strange corset with a men's shirt and tie, and she pitches a show about her interacting with nature in her South American home. The execs seem to feel it would be a better fit for the Planet of the Apes.

If you remember earlier:

I've been listening to Rush Hour by Jane Wiedlin over and over again. The song makes me feel horribly melancholy. Beyond melancholy. That kind of feeling in the chest that gets you smelling spring time again in the dead of winter.

What do I know about California and Jane Wiedlin? The song is like an example of complete discarnate malaise. I don't know where the connection to this song comes from. I have the vinyl LP and single and used to listen to it repeatedly in my bedroom while my best friend had gone off to University and I was still in community college.

I'm not even sure that Jane Wiedlin has anything to do with California. I've been to California and it reminded me of the first day of Michigan spring but in an affluent way. The smell of sun and money rather than sun and Amway.

I feel such disconnect at this moment. I think Rush Hour may be a key of some sort. How many times does it need to play before it opens up a door to an Endless Summer [not to be confused with the surf movie]?

I played it four times in a row while writing this post and the door has not opened yet. When it does I'm sure it will be something like my earlier post with the rudimentary 3D CGI.

So now, I've come across a copy of Fur and have been listening to it repeatedly.