Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Dressed Up Like Mothman?

"Culpanaut Black," he said, "why are you dressed up like Mothman?"

"Dressed up like?" He replied with a queer smile.

From the Dutch:

A report within the newspaper l read; 'town has cooled down'; leg. Roger Scarberry, a member of the group which 'the character of the town has found'; the factory of TNT has, said that during wrote the pleasant borders of city of the point [most likely Point Pleasant - ed.], they have the body of a large dog which is himself of the roadside. Some minutes later, on the way support of the city, the dog has gone. They have even stoppedat Zoeken, exactly some minutes for young partridge of Newell has immediately thought of the bandit, who was never reconsidered.

From the German:

'All of the old animals are returning, in this world of technology, which many may easily find damnable...'

From the Polish:

'The original Cryptozoological Prince has made his presence once more palpable.'

and From the Japanese:

This is truly the Graffiti of the Cryptozoological Generation...'