Saturday, May 17, 2008

Submission to the Institute of Psychic Portraiture

The Institute of Psychic Portraiture does not seem to exist as of yet but this is an image I will include in my resume when it opens its doors. It is an artistic alteration of a Jane Roberts photograph. Jane Roberts was a world renown medium known mostly for her work on the Seth Material.

The Wacom tablet gives me a newfound ease of interface, allowing my mind to wander while my hand and eye study the photograph for the true image that lies somewhat beneath the surface.

According to June-Elleni Laine:

As a Psychic Artist, I produce spirit/ psychic portraits, firstly I make an intention to connect to spirit then allow the energy to lead. I sketch very quickly and without thought. I believe the images produced evolve by aligning with the energy of a discarnate spirit or consciousness.

To the observer, it may appear to be unpredictable scribbling; yet, as it quickly unfolds the lines suprisingly reveal a familiar face and message filled with the energy of the spirit communicator. The personality somehow reaching across the ether, in an attempt to make contact with loved ones left behind. These spirit contacts often provide information about their lives when they were on Earth so they can be recognised.