Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Brother Tapes


Greg Lester
sent me a cassette back in 1992. It was a four-track EP entitled the Brother Tapes. It was a mix of poetry and ambient guitar. It is my favorite Greg Lester work. Greg has recorded many amazing songs since the Brother Tapes but something about that cassette touched me in a way that nothing else ever did. It was an amazing experience and it was made by a friend and he had thought of me when he had recorded it. I knew this because he had included an introduction.

I remember the day the package had come to my dormitory mail room. I was so excited. It was a weeknight but I didn't care. I locked myself in my dorm room and listened to the recording on my Walkman. I will never forget that night, perhaps one of the most important moments of active listening I have ever experienced.

Greg had recorded the record using two tape decks, a mic and an acoustic guitar. I remember walking through the West Michigan winter on a trail leading from my apartment complex to a strip mall and the amazing yet short lived Mad Cat comic shop listening to the Brother Tapes.

I talk to Greg three to four times a week. For this I am thankful. Sometimes I wish for those days so badly that my heart aches. But I still have the Brother Tapes to take me back. I can exist in the reality of the Brother Tapes. I can pretend that the last sixteen years have been a wonderfully twisted night terror.

If we are lucky Greg will put the Brother Tapes up for all to hear. Until then I will count myself as one of the privileged few to actually own a copy. I played the tape for a few people back in college. Most of them liked it, the ones that didn't were stupid fuckers.

Thanks Greg.