Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Plaza of the Mind Self Interview With Kurt Weller!

A Product of 1991


He was vacationing in Canada. August. It was windy checking into the hotel. The luggage was on it's way up. He would be here for half a week. Now to find something to do. The festivities wouldn't begin until tomorrow.

The hotel giftshop sported your usual array of souveniers. He wrote a letter on hotel stationary, the sun illuminating the paper, a shadow of his arm overcasting the page. He had been alone so long.

She worked in the grocery store next to the hotel. He walked over and bought a few bottles of sparkling water. He saw her while still down an aisle and paid at her check out. Despite the longer wait.

She smiled as she rang up his purchase. He sat outside the store in the green grass under a tree. The sun was setting as he took a sip from the bottle. He got up and left back to the hotel.

Arriving back to his room, he realized he had forgotten toothpaste. He went back to the store to pick some up. Once again her checkout.

"Can't stay away can you?"
"No I can't" he smiled, handing her the money. He waited until she left work, then walked her home. He was in love by the time he arrived back to the hotel. She had told him to come to see her on her break. He did. They sat in the same grassy spot and laughed. He put his hand on her shoulder and pushed her sideways onto the ground. Laughing, she got back up and smiled. "How long are you here?" she asked.

"Another week" he lied. His heart beat faster as he geared up for his big question. "What are you doing tomorrow?"
"I've got the day off," she smiled. "Are you going to ask me out?" He laughed nervously.
"Yes," then he frowned. "Yet, I don't know where to take you."
"It's okay, I know where we can go." She got up, "I have to go back inside." He waved as she went back to work. He decided he would stay here as long as he could.

It was a beautiful day, the sky was deep blue and sunny. They sat on the beach. "How long have you lived here?"
"All my life. It's beautiful here isn't it? I don't ever want to leave here. Seriously."

He was making a sand castle. "Yes it is beautiful." He looked at her face, her long beautiful lips, fine nose, large brown eyes and light brown hair."

They walked along the pier, he bought her an ice cream cone, they sat under the light house. The sun sparkled on the water of the lake. "How would you die if you had the choice?"

He was broke. He had skipped the reason he had even come here. He had to go home for awhile to straighten his affairs. She said she would come with him. She had some time off.

They waited for the train. She was waiting by the tracks when he brought her flowers. A bee hid in a rose. She was allergic to bees. The bee killed her. He had never even kissed her.