Sunday, February 17, 2008

Missionaries From The Fifth Culpa

Claire and Regina after their experience in South America but before entering Culpa 5.

As you descend further through the Culpas, it begins to feel less and less like you are underground.

For example, the Fifth Culpa felt like the basement of a department store.

It was there that I met several young Mormon Missionaries.

After leaving that Culpa we journeyed by car to a picturesque small town. There was some sort of Gala affair that I attended with Claire.

Regina became somewhat angered that I attended with Claire, I believe that she was mad that we split off from the main group.

The Gala did have good food though, and several of Regina and Claire's male friends were there.

They told me that females didn't usually venture outside of the country on Mission. They said that the girls had never really left the town but were drugged and taken to a migrant colony outside of town.

Claire was surprisingly uninterested in proselytizing and spent more time telling me about the car she was saving up for.