Saturday, February 09, 2008

I am Looking Through a Dream-O-Scope

I am Looking Through a Dream-O-Scope and inside of it is a young Shirley Jackson.

I read two of her stories when I was quite young though I had no idea who wrote them.

Later they came back to haunt me.

A friend said... you're story felt like a Shirley Jackson...

I was all like....


but then I picked up a collection of short stories and I understood.

I think that Shirley Jackson invaded my subconsciousness sometime in 1983 or 1984.

This feeling is reminiscent of the Jane Wiedlin and Pointer Sisters articles.

I in no way consider this a part of the Outer Channel because of the ownership my psyche established at such a young age. I must claim the rights to whatever material comes about [i.e. this article] due to the fact that I was subjected to it much like a toddler to second-hand smoke...

[Ask Shirley about second-hand smoke if you ever run into her...]

Don't contact me to tell me that she is dead either...

Professor Dobbs over at Fivebodied has a saying:

The User is the content.

I have lived by this since 1994.