Tuesday, February 05, 2008

An Interconnectedness of Meaning

Pop-Culturally, the underground worlds of the Kalpa became the Culpa in my mind. I kept thinking of the Kalpa as the Culpa and began to define this underground world that had come to me in my dreams as being the Culpa.

After later investigation I have found that Culpa is actually the Latin word for Guilt.

The Culpa, the underground passages through my subconscious have been referred to as the Guilt in my mind for several months now.

This seems to be somewhat providential.

It seems to make a great deal of sense, as I have felt a desire to explore through the levels of the Culpa for several years now.

In my film A [1991] and more prominently in A4 [1994], the American Pope has been assassinated and sent to Hell by the Assassin. The hell he is sent to resembles a basement.

In my dreams I have often ventured deep underground. Deep into moldy basements of indeterminate size. There is a common theme of these basements in that there is always a way to go either up or to go down. I never had a name for these areas until I came upon the pop-cultural name of the Kalpa.

The Culpa seems to be endless.

Please do not be mistaken. I do not think of the subconscious pathways of my mind of being filled with nothing but guilt. I am moved, however, by the way in which I had misnamed something I had taken from Popular Culture in a way that proved to be an even more accurate presentation of a phenomenon of the psychic exploration that has been commanding my imagination for some time now.