Monday, January 28, 2008

Mr. Big Mouth - The New Intellectual Children's Television Mascot

The National Intellectual Television Company has announced plans for a new children's show called Mr. Big Mouth.

The show will follow the trials and tribulations of Mr. Big Mouth as he tries to make his way through his neighborhood.

He has several friends that help him along the way. Mr. Red Head and Mr. John Kaczanowksi. In several episodes Mr. Big Mouth runs into realistic troubles that plague most middle aged men: He gets throat polyps from smoking too many cigarettes, kidney stones from too much coffee and a heart condition from his sedentary lifestyle. Mr. Red Head suffers persecution from the brunette and blonde-headed majority of the neighborhood in a Sunday School experiment gone horribly awry. In a later season one episode John Kaczanowski gets into a car accident that severs his vocal chords and he needs to learn Ameslan in order to communicate with his friends.

Episode Number One: Bouncin' Off The Walls

Mr. Big Mouth
learns to cope without caffeine.

February Has Always Been the Melancholy Month

Seems like the abandonment always occurs in February

if it doesn't come then I know that that is the time in which the roots are developed.

The Great Lakes surrounded me for Twenty Five years and I sometimes wonder if when I left them the protection that they offered faded out slowly.

For the first three years away I felt like my heart was still there.

After five years the final nail had been driven.

And now I am nowhere near the magical clear waters.

And now that life there, and its protections are blurring into the distorted bits of images reserved for my earliest of memories.