Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A Note on Image Dimensions

Regular visitors to the Plaza of the Mind will be aware that I use many images for illustrative purposes. I have decided that I want all of my images to be in a new standardized sizing format. I feel that it is important for all of the images to share the exact same dimensions. I am still working out which size and aspect ratio will be the best and the resizing/standardization process will begin soon.

The images will also be corrected and given the 'Official Plate' treatment and hosted at the new Plaza of the Mind Image Conservatory. Let me thank you for your patience in the interim.

Kurt Weller

Herpolsheimer Rocket Express c. 1975

I always rode alone as the train would circle the basement.

I would look down on the toy section, the escalators and the huge bins of markdown.

Later they put a big face on it but it was a rocket for awhile. I liked the idea of a rocket train in the basement of the department store. You climbed these stairs and the train would come and there would be one kid in the train already. He would get out, you would get in and Mother would watch you go around.

And you felt like everyone was looking at you but they were really checking out the bargains.

And then they yanked it all down and now the memory gets more and more distant and before long will seem to me what it must seem to you: a story about a rocket train in the basement of a department store.