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The Shoe Leather

'Sammy, grab me the brad nailer!'

'Don't do it!' Enough is enough! I get the point!'

'This steak tastes like shoe leather woman!'

'Stop it!'

'Good boy! Watch your old man! This is how it's done!'

'I can't believe your dad is walking around with a steak on his foot!'

Highlights of Katy Ellis O'Brien's Letters from Underwood at Sequential Art Gallery

Katy Ellis O'Brien was gracious enough to invite me to a small get together celebrating the opening of her Letters From Underwood show last week at theSequential Art Gallery. Here are some highlights:

It was a pleasure to finally meet Katy and I hope that she will grace the Plaza with her presence again soon.

The Room Escape

What has been keeping me so busy as of late that I have not updated this Plaza of the Mind?

Actual in-game screenshot.

The first Plaza of the Mind videogame! The as-of-yet untitled game is being described as a New Age Room Escape. It will be available on the PC and iPhone [as well as iTouch] platforms. The initial game design has been completed. Sound design and play testing come next!

Stay tuned for more updates.

And for those unfamiliar with the Room Escape genre of gaming may we suggest:

Escape Game 2 by Mr. Osironosiro.