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'Cleanside' by Kurt Weller - Part 0001

The problem was always waking up early enough to get the shower warm enough.I hated getting up in the morning, I still do and luckily l haven't had to for quite some time, having worked swing shift now for almost ten years.My room was small and crowded with all of the usual adolescent fetish items:white boxes of comic books with accompanying posters hung on the wall by my favorite artists, record albums and tapes in wooden crates next to my dresser next to my ghetto blaster.It was five forty five when the alarm first announced the morning, six when it went off again and six twenty five before I finally woke up.My mother used to hate my pushing the snooze button and would frequently yell at me from her and my father's bedroom across the hall.The setting will be winter because that was the time of the year which I found most memorable. Those three winters during that two and a half year period cemented everything that winter would ever mean to me.It hasn’t changed over the past …

Jukt Micronics Update

The Plaza of the Mind recently received this comment from an anonymous writer concerning the Jukt Micronics article:

I am the founder and CEO of Jukt Micronics and Stephen Glass is hot as frick. Futhermore, He did not lie about any of the quotes said in the article "Hack Heaven". I am willing to set aside time for any interviews with Stephen Glass or any Journalist wanting to interview me.

Thank you,

George Sims

I hope you are not kidding with me Mr. Sims. If you would like to engage in an email [or telephone [see the new Plaz-Rad project for more details]] please contact me at

Jukt Micronics.

Reduce - ReUse - ReCycle

The following three images are from a series of drawings I did in high school and college. They were all reformatted for your viewing pleasure.

Girl with neckbrace and sickle, with the sickle acting as a close approximation of a smile.
1992 - Graphite and WaterColor

John Engler's Tax Funded Abortion
1989 - Black Permanent Marker and WaterColor

Courtyard Magic Show with Amputee
- Graphite and WaterColor