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The dream image of an erupting volcano...

The dream image of an erupting volcano...
Last evening I dreamed that I woke up to see much of the cityscape outside of my window being lit bright orange by an erupting volcano. I woke up my wife in an attempt to show her the volcano. She could not see it. I looked out the window at the skyline and it was completely normal. I lay back down in bed but could not get the image of the erupting volcano from my mind. When I turned on the television I realized where I had seen the erupting volcano: from an eleventh season episode of Seinfeld in which a volcano had erupted. I captured a number of screenshots from the program but could not isolate any images of the volcano without Michael Richards creating his hi-jinks in front of it. My wife told me that I had grown so used to Michael Richards' visage due to my obesessive Seinfeld viewing that I had in effect quit seeing him. My mind must have focused only on the volcano and perceived it as a true event occuring outside of our wind…


This is the next step in the evolution of the Plaza of the Mind.

and yes,

it will be featuring

Greg Lester


A Study of the Vestron Label

I used to imagine somehow walking around inside the Vestron graphic's field. The V would tower above me, the air would be warm and smell like the inside of an electronic device fresh out of the box.