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Irene, the sister and not the friend that Amy had alienated

I put it off

I remember the class

when Irene read the story of the procrastinating illustrator who drew the laughing Jesus created out of images of all sorts of different famous christians like Martin Luther King Jr. et al.

I put it off

I always put it off

I am afraid that I have ruined it

I am sorry Stefene - I am afraid that I have disappointed with my initial enthusiasm and then the devolution into my procrastination although those circumstances were quite out of my control - it has been a difficult year my friends - and the interview was a thing of beauty [as you all will see upon publication].


One of the few nuns to which I never felt an attraction.

Here is the image

Hers is the image:

Irene put together from pieces of others*

*can you catch them all?

The Plaza of the Mind Interview with Barbara Morgenstern!

I heard Ms. Morgenstern's song 'The Operator' while I did some apparel shopping with my wife back in January. The song blew me away and I carefully memorized the main refrain of the song to ensure that I could later find it online. What I found was an artist who had recorded a number of albums - which Ipicked up- and a singular voice that seems fresh and yet familiar at the same time. I contacted her right away to tell her how much I had loved the single and shewas gracious enough to accept an invitation to the Plaza of the Mind.

[The Plaza of the Mind quotes appear in Bold-type, Ms. Morgenstern's in normal-type]

How long have you been performing in the electronic medium?

I started to work with a a sequenz-keyboard in 1990, I kept on working with an Atari and after that I bought my first Macintosh. Since then I love to arrange my music with electronic instruments, because they give me the opportunity to create a special sound.

What does a day in your life look like?

I w…

Basquiat and I share a Special Embrace in the late Nineties

I am aware that it may not have been Jean-Michel himself but rather the Basquiat portrayed by

Jeffrey Wright in the 1996 film version.

And then, of course, I begin to think about my media ecology studies and the question of ownership of the images broadcast to me from the collective unconsciousness but...

when did it all become so complicated?

When I was a teenager I was free to really be into things.

Of course, then I would get caught absconding with Transformers and have to hear the song sung to me between every class sophomore year. My mother still reminds me of this often. I suppose it is the price to be paid for naivete. It could have been much much worse.


He is dancing

she is dreaming

The Dwellings of the Future will be Made of Snow and Ice

She is going to the beach city. This is the first time he really doubts dating Audrey.

'Iconic face' four piece sectional wall accessory...second edition
- popularly known as 'Edition Red'.

He is enjoying his Christian college friend, flower guy comes in next -
Keeny gets Gulkinson's job - Cole?

I would love to die in snow though I always thought I would die in water.

'Bonnie Hungerford'

Alchemical Studies of the Situation Comedy

With this simple formula the viewer could combine the Seinfeld Canon with that of Everybody Loves Raymond and The King of Queens:

Everybody Loves Raymond and The King of Queens already exist within their own matrixwith Ray and Doug enjoying an established friendship.

With clever voice overs and an appearance on The King of Queens from Jason Alexander the Canon would be trebled.

Jason Alexander would reprise his role of George Costanza. In an early episode of Seinfeld George mentions a brother. This would be voiced over with the word sister.

Jerry Stiller's Arthur Spooner character would be renamed Frank Costanza, reprising his role from Seinfeld. Carrie Heffernen's maiden name would be Carrie Costanza. This would make her the sister of George Costanza.

It would be explained that after George's incarceration his mother passed on and Frank had to move in with his daughter Carrie and her husband Doug.