Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Dobbstown Lockdown

Dobbstown Lockdown

Checkout the new Bob Dobbs interface here.

You will find hours of educational material in a user-friendly environment.

Also, I am finishing up part two of my Bob Dobbs interview. Expect to see it tomorrow right here on your internet dial.


What People Are Saying About the Plaza of the Mind

...[Plaza of the Mind] impressed me in its magnificent weirdness...this sorta je ne sais quoi that you find in interesting art... ...I mean that purely as a compliment!

Stefene Russell

Plaza of the Mind is a clinamen away from the holeopathic replay by the Android Meme of the old perceptual agon of electrically-programmed youth confronting the Gutenbergian Establishment. Irresistible Force meets Immovable Object.

Bob Dobbs