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Tonight on NBC!


08:00 Banya!

Kenny discovers that his son has been sneaking a peek at internet pornography while Delores has second thoughts about her marriage after she meets a guy at the gym.

08:30 Kramerica Industries

Kramer and Darin are threatened with a lawsuit after a new invention goes haywire at an upscale New York boutique. Will Jackie Chiles be able to bail them out?

09:00 What's the 411?

Newman and Wanda have to make a tough decision after Newman has a cardiac event at the Post Office, should they leave the picaresque community of Gary Indiana and head back to the Big Apple?

I Dream of Seinfeld... Again!

There was a planecrash outside of our apartment building...

It happened after I returned home to the apartment...

George was there....

As well as Jerry...

Paul Buchman*...

And the ever vivacious Elaine...

After we made sure everyone was okay...

We went to the Brooklyn bridge...
[this scene was reminiscent to the opening of the film 'Head']

It was great to finally be a part of the gang!

*Paul Buchman and the Mad About You cast are officially a part of the Seinfeld canon in that there was a crossover in which Buchman was once Cosmo Kramer's roommate.


Wanted! More Comments Like This One from Anonymous:

I actually got chills when I received this email, since I had been thinking a great deal about Etidorpha as of late, especially as an inspiration for the Culpanaut project:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Etidorhpa":

I have found, seen and explored the cave entrance in Kentucky and have found the following inscription on the left hand passage wall:

Or a depth I dare to hide

Notice that the first 27 letters of the inscription can be divided into three segments of 9 letters each - and each 9 letter segment can be re-arranged to spell "Etidorhpa"

Further in the passage my friend found "D.E." carved deeply into the rock. These letters were the last two letters of the inscription at the entrance. Beneath the inscription was an arrow pointing to the right. Following the arrow about 20 paces we discovered another inscription, written in chalk, that read:

It had rope. I paid her to leave.

The "leave" was in larger style and heavier cha…

Plaza of the Mind Caption Contest!


Send your captions to

A Summer Conversation with Bob Dobbs at the Abandoned Campus of my Youth

A Summer Conversation with Bob Dobbs at the Abandoned Campus of my Youth was originally intended to be the first half of the second part of my long-form Bob Dobbs interview that began with The Real Deal piece I finished last year. Unfortunately, I ran out of steam at the end of last summer due to some personal issues and never really got back on track with the line of questioning and the piece seemed to slow to a halt of its own volition. Looking back over the work now, however, I see that the content that we completed works well on its own and when Bob suggested that I just put up what I had finished I decided to take his advice.

Upon reading this you will most likely notice that the tone of the piece is quite different from the Real Deal. TheReal Deal was my attempt at creating an exhaustive ‘Day in the Life’ piece while this one reads more like the conversation that a protégé and mentor might have during a summer break as they look over a campus left abandoned by all but the most de…

Dobbstown Lockdown

Dobbstown Lockdown

Checkout the new Bob Dobbs interface here.

You will find hours of educational material in a user-friendly environment.

Also, I am finishing up part two of my Bob Dobbs interview. Expect to see it tomorrow right here on your internet dial.