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More Jane Wiedlin FanFic

from Ape Culture:

I seem to remember her sitting around the campfire crying about having no friends, but now she's got a plastic freakazoid by her side. They seem well-matched. Jane goes to the meeting wearing a strange corset with a men's shirt and tie, and she pitches a show about her interacting with nature in her South American home. The execs seem to feel it would be a better fit for the Planet of the Apes.

If you remember earlier:

I've been listening to Rush Hour by Jane Wiedlin over and over again. The song makes me feel horribly melancholy. Beyond melancholy. That kind of feeling in the chest that gets you smelling spring time again in the dead of winter.

What do I know about California and Jane Wiedlin? The song is like an example of complete discarnate malaise. I don't know where the connection to this song comes from. I have the vinyl LP and single and used to listen to it repeatedly in my bedroom while my best fri…

This is the Human Biennial

Thank you for two wonderful years!

I started the Plaza of the Mind two years ago today. Looking back at the one year mark I see that I failed to finish a few of the projects that I was quite sure I would have in the last twelve months. However, my pride in the items that were completed more than make up for those failings.

I would like to thank Tesco Vee, Vanessa Daou, Dave Newfeld, Don Joyce and David Blair for participating in my Plaza of the MindInterview Series. There are still a couple of interviews to come, including my long neglected piece with Stefene Russell, so stay tuned.

I would also like to thank all who have responded to my Stories of Sleep Paralysis series. I know I have not published all of the stories I have received and that is due to the fact that I am planning a larger scale project surrounding them. Fear not! Your stories will be shared. I have found them to be quite intriguing and I am sure that visitors to the Mind Plaza will find them to be equally so.

I wou…

Urim and Thummim Verse Two

This image is just a place holder - it will be developed at a later date

Joseph Smith wrote that in 1823 an angel told him about "two stones in silver bows…fastened to a breastplate…the possession and use of [which] constituted "seers' in ancient or former times" (JS—H 1:35). Joseph used these and other seer stones that he found in various ways (occasionally referred to by the biblical term Urim and Thummim) for several purposes, primarily in translating the Book of Mormon and receiving revelations (see HC 1:21-23, 33, 36, 45, 49; 3:28; 5:xxxii; CHC 6:230-31).

from Wikipedia:

After the establishment of the Utah Territory, the Latter-day Saints did not relinquish the idea of a "State of Deseret". From 1862 to 1870, a group of Mormon elders under Young's leadership met as a shadow government after each session of the territorial legislature to ratify the new laws under the name of the "State of Deseret."

from Wikipedia:


Urim and Thummim Assemblage Poetry

This image is just a place holder - it will be developed at a later date

From the Bible Supply Emporium:

Urim and Thummim Recreation
comes in a plastic bag with information about them. They are designed to be used with the recreation or Aaron's Breastplate as seen above. They are sold separately. They are designed for demonstration purposes, so they can be handled. Other recreations are mounted on plaques, see below. Bag size is 6 1/2 inches by 5 7/8 inches. Price is $4.99 plus shipping and handling ($2).

From GameSpot:

I used to own this Thunder Sword with a fire parasite on it.

I attacked Urim and Thummim with it and they told me which monster is weak to the elements I wielded. I'm kinda confused, what is this 'animate' monster type they speak of? I'm at the -2200 dungeons now.

Also, why do they call Idea Sephirahs 'water'?

From CrystalLinks:

Some scholars have suggested "the" Urim and Th…