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Automatic Imaging of Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot

I let the pen flow across the remnant image drawing out the truth in different strokes of insight.

This is more an exercise in psychic portraiture than sketching. This is the true face of the Bigfoot - upon closer examination by my pen or exploration of the face through my mind I will find a more and more accurate representation of the Bigfoot.

This is my talent.

Send images to and I will draw the truth from them.

It seems that I had, for all of these years, been waiting for the digital brush.

Culpanaut Socrates

Where there is reverence there is fear, but there is not reverence everywhere that there is fear, because fear presumably has a wider extension than reverence.

Socrates' death is described at the end of Plato's Phaedo. Socrates turned down the pleas of Crito to attempt an escape from prison. After drinking the poison, he was instructed to walk around until his limbs felt heavy. After he laid down, the man who administered the poison pinched his foot. Socrates could no longer feel his legs. The numbness slowly crept up his body until it reached his heart. Shortly before his death, Socrates speaks his last words to Crito: "Crito, we owe a cock to Asclepius. Please, don't forget to pay the debt." Asclepius was the Greek god for curing illness, and it is likely that Socrates' last words were implied to mean that death is the cure, and freedom, of the soul from the body. The Roman philosopher Seneca attempted to emulate Socrates' death by hemlock when forced to…

Dressed Up Like Mothman?

"Culpanaut Black," he said, "why are you dressed up like Mothman?"

"Dressed up like?" He replied with a queer smile.

From the Dutch:

A report within the newspaper l read; 'town has cooled down'; leg. Roger Scarberry, a member of the group which 'the character of the town has found'; the factory of TNT has, said that during wrote the pleasant borders of city of the point[most likely Point Pleasant - ed.], they have the body of a large dog which is himself of the roadside. Some minutes later, on the way support of the city, the dog has gone. They have even stoppedat Zoeken, exactly some minutes for young partridge of Newell has immediately thought of the bandit, who was never reconsidered.

From the German:

'All of the old animals are returning, in this world of technology, which many may easily find damnable...'

From the Polish:

'The original CryptozoologicalPrince has made his presence once more palpable.'

and From the Japanese:


Culpanaut Black

Culpanaut Orange and Culpanaut Black

a garbled transmission translated to English by computer:

Almost that of May 20 day got near to the [nibiru] = planet X created by CNaut Orange of the planet in the earth, but due to terrestrial disaster of the scientific power whose space scientific civilization is excellent it escaped temporarily. The, artificial 4th field (the artificial gravitational field) created by CNaut Black.

where today it should be less crowded, in regard to the reason where the earth which the people of the fleet of CNaut Ufoe drew up outside for the terrestrial atmosphere is rescued as for that it was not possible to get near to [nibiru] in the earth.

from CrystalLinks:

Nibiru, to the Babylonians, was the celestial body associated with the god Marduk. The name is Akkadian and means 'crossing place' or 'place of transition'. In most Babylonian texts it is identified with the planet Jupiter. In Tablet 5 of the Enuma Elish it may be the pole star, which at th…

Submission to the Institute of Psychic Portraiture

The Institute of Psychic Portraiture does not seem to exist as of yet but this is an image I will include in my resume when it opens its doors. It is an artistic alteration of a Jane Roberts photograph. Jane Roberts was a world renown medium known mostly for her work on the Seth Material.

The Wacom tablet gives me a newfound ease of interface, allowing my mind to wander while my hand and eye study the photograph for the true image that lies somewhat beneath the surface.

According to June-Elleni Laine:

As a Psychic Artist, I produce spirit/ psychic portraits, firstly I make an intention to connect to spirit then allow the energy to lead. I sketch very quickly and without thought. I believe the images produced evolve by aligning with the energy of a discarnate spirit or consciousness.To the observer, it may appear to be unpredictable scribbling; yet, as it quickly unfolds the lines suprisingly reveal a familiar face and message filled with the energy of the spirit communic…

The Plaza of the Mind Interview with Vanessa Daou!

In 1995 I was thumbing through the latest issue of Mondo 2000 and I came across an ad for Vanessa Daou's Zipless. I was intrigued by the cover photograph of Ms. Daou and the way the advertisement described her music. I picked the album up a few days later and listened to it continually as I wandered around my West Michigan home for what would end up being the last time as a resident.

In 1997, after I had moved to the West Coast and was struggling to make ends meat her second album Slow to Burn was released. I listened to it continually as I would ride the bus to and from work, her voice replacing the sensory overload of my bleak reality.

In 2001 my friend Greg gave me a copy of Make You Love. The second song on the album, A Little bit of Pain, is most likely my favorite song of all time. It is the only song that I truly never tire of hearing. In many ways I think it may be the perfect song.

I have bought every album and single that Vanessa Daou has ever released and I will cont…