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1994's 'TweekMaster Craig' Re-Tweek-Mastered!

In the summer of 1994, John Kaczanowski and I decided to record an album so that Greg Lester would have something to listen to in his new home down in Mesa, Arizona. The recording was titled:Naked Genius Productions[present their first recording]: Were You There When They Crucified Our Lord?.The standout single was a tribute to the Thrill Seeker lifestyle popularized by our West Michigan Motorsport Enthusiast Co-Workers entitled 'TweekMaster Craig'. It had been our idea to write a song with a refrain that was actually a vocal representation of a motorcycle engine, performed in the same style as the aforementioned co-workerswhen they described fun-filled weekends of rubber burnin' and mud boggin'.John played rhythm guitar and I was on keyboards; we shared the lyrical chores:

John: Hey Kurt, maybe you can help me before we go back and listen to everything again.

Kurt: Sure, what's up Kacz?

John: Do you want to do everything in unison or do you want to swap back and f…

David Pirkola Healthcare Fund

I was saddened to find out that David Pirkola, owner of the Apparitions Comic and Bookstore in Kentwood, had been shot last Friday night in a hold up.

I spent many a penny at Apparitions in the early nineties, as it was one of the first shops in the area to carry my favorite manga titles. Mr. Pirkola was a very warm-hearted man who truly enjoyed chewing the comic book fat. He always made sure that your books were in on time and that you left with something in your hand and a little less in your pocket.

Please take a moment to join the Plaza of the Mind in sending out some good vibes to him, and if you happen to be financially blessed as well, a donation fund has been set up for Mr. Pirkola over at ifanboy for anyone interested in helping him out.

Best wishes Dave!


Here is a Picture of my Daughter

I was told that this was the name of my website.

I felt that I must create this in case the person that informed me of this was somehow, somewhere correct.

I have no idea what it signifies or what if will contain but have a feeling that time will tell.

There is also an Owlman

The Owlman was seen in England in the nineteen seventies.

He is reminiscent of Mothman in that he has red eyes and makes strange sounds though the Owlman reportedly hisses rather than squeeks.

The Brother Tapes


Greg Lester sent me a cassette back in 1992. It was a four-track EP entitled the Brother Tapes. It was a mix of poetry and ambient guitar. It is my favorite Greg Lester work. Greg has recorded many amazing songs since the Brother Tapes but something about that cassette touched me in a way that nothing else ever did. It was an amazing experience and it was made by a friend and he had thought of me when he had recorded it. I knew this because he had included an introduction.

I remember the day the package had come to my dormitory mail room. I was so excited. It was a weeknight but I didn't care. I locked myself in my dorm room and listened to the recording on my Walkman. I will never forget that night, perhaps one of the most important moments of active listening I have ever experienced.

Greg had recorded the record using two tape decks, a mic and an acoustic guitar. I remember walking through the West Michigan winter on a trail leading from my apartment complex to a str…

The Plaza of the Mind Interview with Tesco Vee!

In the following interview I was able to share how I was first introduced to the musical stylings of Mr. Tesco Vee and his legendary band The Meatmen. I have been a huge fan of Mr. Vee's work since I was a West Michigan teen. Tesco inspired me in that he was a local boy made good. He wrote a song about the Beatles called 'One Down Three to Go' and coveted the works of Abba. In the era of U2 and Midnight Oil and their lament-pop of injustice and the environment I think that Tesco's refusal to apologize for wanting to focus on having a good time was a huge inspiration for me and my friendsand a much needed elixir for that era of the guilt-trip.

I was thrilled that Mr. Vee accepted an invitation to the Plaza of the Mind. I found him to be every bit as friendly and irreverent as I had always imagined he would have been. The only thing that could have made me happier was if this interview had been conducted live and over some Bell's, but I will take what I can ge…