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Announcing 'Culpanaut Orange' Month



Beginning on Tuesday, April 1st, 2008, the Plaza of the Mind will feature a daily 2.5 minute 'Culpanaut Orange' featurette.




Mr. Weller is quite excited about this new project and has been preparing for it for several weeks now.




'Deadline' Bob MASTER of A n n A r b o r 1978 = Page Twelve =

Allegiances change and You Must Make Difficult Decisions... this is life

This is the tower spoken of before.

This is a teaser image from my project.

The name has been changed and people have been removed.

This has been done surgically, as it must.

Art has no room for camaraderie.

Art is the non-pragmatic entity in this world.

Friendship has no room for what is deemed right or wrong by the subconcious.

Just ask George...

He removed hours upon hours of hard work with glee when he realized the end result would be stronger.

I will not fail you.

You, dear Plaza readers, are what I care about.


What if there was a 605 foot tall tower in South Haven overlooking Lake Michigan?

This is me riding the elevator to the top.

This is the future that Ayn Rand was envisioning when she was nineteen.

Thank You Edward

Stop lookin out
Start lookin in

You got allah in the east
You got jesus in the west
Christ, whats a man to do?

New Deriva_K [Non] Release!

Audiologist K over at the Deriva_K Laboratory sent me a box of 3.5 inch floppy disks in the mail today. On each disk was one section of the new Deriva_K remix 'What's It Like...[Chopped & Screwed]' that needed painstaking assembly*. When I was finally finished and was actually able to hear the song I was blown away.

I have always loved the original version of the Barnes & Barnes classic, but somehow the Chopped & Screwed treatment somehow releases the menace that has always been just below the surface.

Unfortunately I cannot offer this latest song for your listening pleasure [hence the [Non] in front of 'release' above] if I want to continue my arrangement with Audiologist K.

Audiologist K has stated that the need to actually hear the song is unnecessary as long as my reader's know that the piece exists.

I hope he/she is correct.

*I won't bore you with the details but suffice it to say that Audiologist_K doesn't use any software written after 1…

The Plaza of the Mind Self Interview With Kurt Weller!

A Product of 1991


He was vacationing in Canada. August. It was windy checking into the hotel. The luggage was on it's way up. He would be here for half a week. Now to find something to do. The festivities wouldn't begin until tomorrow.

The hotel giftshop sported your usual array of souveniers. He wrote a letter on hotel stationary, the sun illuminating the paper, a shadow of his arm overcasting the page. He had been alone so long.

She worked in the grocery store next to the hotel. He walked over and bought a few bottles of sparkling water. He saw her while still down an aisle and paid at her check out. Despite the longer wait.

She smiled as she rang up his purchase. He sat outside the store in the green grass under a tree. The sun was setting as he took a sip from the bottle. He got up and left back to the hotel.

Arriving back to his room, he realized he had forgotten toothpaste. He went back to the store to pick some up. Once again her checkout.

"Can't stay away can y…