Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Culpa - An Entrance?

Bernardo beckons me over as I exit the train.

As I got off of the inbound train I came across Bernardo, a gentleman that I had met as a child.

He seemed to recognize me so he drew me aside and told me that:

The Culpa is quite deep but getting there is the difficulty.

He told me that the Culpa was different for everyone and that he had been blessed with an entrance to his at a young age.

He told me that I had missed my entrance on several occasions due to fear.

You cannot fear that which is rightfully yours.

Bernardo helps me visualize the next Culpa entrance.

He smiled broadly and told me that at some point the door would appear in cement and that it would be under a rug.

I nodded and made a few business calls.

I could only remember the one dream with the elevator. That was the most obvious one. Most of the others were small doors in inopportune places: Places that I could not reach if I were to remain a part of polite society.

Keep reading, he told me, Castaneda, Jackson, Murakami, Nasir, etc.

He also told me to keep playing videogames as:

The pharmatronics are quite useful for training. They help you to make the choices once they are presented to you in a timely manner so that you will not be plagued by more opportunity costs.

He also told me to make sure that I see the new Hayden Christensen movie but to make sure that when I do:

you imagine the events in the film as happening to the aesthe-combo Glass-Christensen model that you created several weeks ago...