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Exegesis 0001

North Kent Protective Press Conference

I don't know who any of these people are.

The girl in grey is nice.

The man in orange was a mentor in another life.

The woman in the background was a Ceaver.

The first matter was to remove any and all advertisements and commit all signage to a common standard.

We were thinking the ubiquitous green and white of the DOT.

All That Time Looking Down...

When I looked up I noticed the small door to the attic. I had come in from a side door...

Missionaries From The Fifth Culpa

Claire and Regina after their experience in South America but before entering Culpa 5.

As you descend further through the Culpas, it begins to feel less and less like you are underground.

For example, the Fifth Culpa felt like the basement of a department store.

It was there that I met several young Mormon Missionaries.

After leaving that Culpa we journeyed by car to a picturesque small town. There was some sort of Gala affair that I attended with Claire.

Regina became somewhat angered that I attended with Claire, I believe that she was mad that we split off from the main group.

The Gala did have good food though, and several of Regina and Claire's male friends were there.

They told me that females didn't usually venture outside of the country on Mission. They said that the girls had never really left the town but were drugged and taken to a migrant colony outside of town.

Claire was surprisingly uninterested in proselytizing and spent more time telling me about the car she was savi…

Culpa - An Entrance?

Bernardo beckons me over as I exit the train.

As I got off of the inbound train I came across Bernardo, a gentleman that I had met as a child.

He seemed to recognize me so he drew me aside and told me that:

The Culpa is quite deep but getting there is the difficulty.

He told me that the Culpa was different for everyone and that he had been blessed with an entrance to his at a young age.

He told me that I had missed my entrance on several occasions due to fear.

You cannot fear that which is rightfully yours.

Bernardo helps me visualize the next Culpa entrance.

He smiled broadly and told me that at some point the door would appear in cement and that it would be under a rug.

I nodded and made a few business calls.

I could only remember the one dream with the elevator. That was the most obvious one. Most of the others were small doors in inopportune places: Places that I could not reach if I were to remain a part of polite society.

Keep reading, he told me, Castaneda, Jackson, Murakami, Nasir, etc…

I am Looking Through a Dream-O-Scope

I am Looking Through a Dream-O-Scope and inside of it is a young Shirley Jackson.

I read two of her stories when I was quite young though I had no idea who wrote them.

Later they came back to haunt me.

A friend said... you're story felt like a Shirley Jackson...

I was all like....


but then I picked up a collection of short stories and I understood.

I think that Shirley Jackson invaded my subconsciousness sometime in 1983 or 1984.

This feeling is reminiscent of the Jane Wiedlin and Pointer Sisters articles.

I in no way consider this a part of the Outer Channel because of the ownership my psyche established at such a young age. I must claim the rights to whatever material comes about [i.e. this article] due to the fact that I was subjected to it much like a toddler to second-hand smoke...

[Ask Shirley about second-hand smoke if you ever run into her...]

Don't contact me to tell me that she is dead either...

Professor Dobbs over at Fivebodied has a saying:

The User is the content.

I have…

Culpa Number Four - The Underground Swimming Pool

I met an unconventional beauty at the entrance to the underground swimming pool.

The swimming itself was quite strange: narrow troughs cut into the cement and covered with institutional tile.

I am unsure if I really met an unconventional beauty at the entrance to the pool or somewhere else in the fourth culpa.

Perhaps it is just wishful thinking: perhaps I was actually alone in the underground swimming pool.

The dream agents seem to take on different characteristics more and more often.

I never know what I am going to run into anymore though it almost always feels like something from the distant past of my childhood.

An Interconnectedness of Meaning

Pop-Culturally, the underground worlds of theKalpa became the Culpain my mind. I kept thinking of the Kalpaas the Culpa and began to define this underground world that had come to me in my dreams as being the Culpa.

After later investigation I have found that Culpa is actually theLatin word for Guilt.

The Culpa, the underground passages through my subconscious have been referred to as the Guilt in my mind for several months now.

This seems to be somewhat providential.

It seems to make a great deal of sense, as I have felt a desire to explore through the levels of the Culpa for several years now.

In my film A [1991] and more prominently in A4 [1994], the American Pope has been assassinated and sent to Hell by the Assassin. The hell he is sent to resembles a basement.

In my dreams I have often ventured deep underground. Deep into moldy basements of indeterminate size. There is a common theme of these basements in that there is always a way to go either up or to go down. I never had a nam…

The Orange Mammoth

The first in a the new series of cosmic conceptual art leading up to the Orange Mammoth - the Final 'A'.

This image depicts our sun grown to Mammoth size...

It has already devoured the two closest planets...

Now, only three beings remain on the planet Earth.

Is That ADD or AAD, I know it Isn't DDD... I think it must be AAD. Yeah, AAD.

I am pleased to announce the long-awaited opening of the Naked Genius Productionsfeaturing Greg Lester vault!

From 1991 to 2003, Kurt Weller, John Kaczanowski and Greg Lester produced a large number of multi-media works under the Naked Genius Productions featuring Greg Lester label.

Up until this point in time these works have been kept under lock and key in the NGP community vault.

After much deliberation, our esoteric power trio has decided to open up the vault. We are now in the process of converting the original analog recordings into digital so a whole new generation of enthusiasts might enjoy the special kind of madness that was Naked Genius Productions featuring Greg Lester.

Stay tuned for detailed news on the digitization process and for official releases of this material. We are sure that you will enjoy!

Images from the 1991 film 'The Tunnel' starring Kurt Weller and John Kaczanowski.