Monday, January 14, 2008

I Think Of Steve Conway More Often Than Is Probably Healthy For Me

Grand Rapids Michigan

Catholic Central High School

Regular PoTM readers may recall a recent post concerning my idea for a Cockroach Armour and the subsequent ridicule that my Freshman Biology teacher implied by his silence.

The following is the history of my first meeting with Steve Conway:

Kurt Weller walks into the Biology room on the first day of school. There are several large black topped lab tables. Kurt sits down at one of the free seats near a young man with glasses and a crew cut.

Kurt: Hello.

Steve: Oh brother.

And, even though Steve and I became closer later, due mostly to our being forced to wrestle during Phys Ed and the fact that Steve accused me of making him vomit after every match we developed a sort of symbiotic relationship fueled by our love of Anime and the Cold War.

Steve Conway influenced me in a way that few others did.

He was sort of like everything that was inside of me that I was afraid to let out. I think that I hated him somewhat because of that fact but I am glad that I knew him.


What People Are Saying About the Plaza of the Mind

...[Plaza of the Mind] impressed me in its magnificent weirdness...this sorta je ne sais quoi that you find in interesting art... ...I mean that purely as a compliment!

Stefene Russell

Plaza of the Mind is a clinamen away from the holeopathic replay by the Android Meme of the old perceptual agon of electrically-programmed youth confronting the Gutenbergian Establishment. Irresistible Force meets Immovable Object.

Bob Dobbs