Thursday, October 18, 2007

Kurt Weller to do voice work in upcoming The Edge of Sin!

I am pleased to announce that after a short audition period I have been slated to do some voice work in MayFlowerSoapQueen's upcoming The Edge of Sin. I've been told by the director that production will begin soon. I am unsure of which character voice[s] I will be doing but I am very impressed with the newly completed intro and am very flattered to have been invited onboard.

Here is a brief synopsis of the project [from MayFlowerSoapQueen]:

Opening for upcoming campy 2008 Barbie Soap Opera about three matriarchal families in the fictional city of Sunnyside: The Gregg's, the Stone's and The Kerrell's.

Divorcee, Monte-Bella (named after dad Monte and mom Bella) Kerrell runs the family business, KerrellCo Cosmetics. Chief chemist and creator of the company's hottest selling compound, Radondo Number9, Elizabeth Gregg is also Monte-Bella's stepmother and nemesis and primary suspect in M-B's father's disappearance. Kathryn Stone is the go-between among the two rivals while serving up drinks at her bar, The Dock, and trying to keep her past a secret.

Also starring:
Tara and Meghan Gregg - The former takes after her mother while Meghan is innocent and in love with Clark Kerrell and spokesperson for the ravaging disease of Plasticosis, which she suffers from.

Halo Stone is the sometimes deceitful daughter of Kathryn Stone and in love with Dixon Marsh, Sunnyside's best known chiropractor.

Chloe Kerrell is the teenaged daughter of M-B and dating Jenks Scott, her Latin tutor. Brother Adam Kerrell is the black sheep of the family and equally lusting after Elizabeth and Meghan Gregg.

Maya Chando is proprietor of The Spiritual Space, a store filled with religious paraphernalia and natural healing potions. She is dating good guy surfer college student, Jacob Welton. Jason Welton, Jacob's twin brother, is back in town after overdosing on the new club drug "Seaweed" and hooks up with Tara Gregg who uses and abuses Jason in order to help her break up Jacob and Maya, the latter being the true object of her affections.

Stay tuned for more updates!