Monday, October 01, 2007

From the Deriva_K Archives:

The Plaza of the Mind is proud to present the release of Deriva_K Laboratories seminal masterwork: Deriva_K Ultra: Experiments with Acid.

Below is an excerpt of the original release notes taken from the now defunct Deriva_K Laboratories homepage:

January xxth, 2002

Notes on our first release, 'DERIVA-K ULTRA' :

The audiologists at the Deriva_K Laboratories have attempted to make original art using only the basic components given them by the Sonic Foundry Corporation. Much like the do it yourself home recording 'studios' that were available for console gaming systems over the past few years, the software vaguely suggests the possibility of fame, stating that the home stereo aficionado playing around with their program may somehow hear his or her creation on the radio. One of the audiologists comments that:

'We found this depressing at the Deriva_K Laboratories, and decided to take the Sonic Foundry people up on their challenge. What follows is music made exclusively with the Acid music program's prepackaged loops and with random samples found on the World Wide Web. Like children hoping to find funding for a skyscraper on the sole merit of how well their Lego buildings look, we bring you music. Enjoy.'


Deriva_K Laboratories

Deriva_K Ultra : Experiments with Acid:


Welcome to Deriva_K Ultra

Tron's Deadly Loops

Audiologist K vs. Billy Gibson

Battle of the Planets

The Weatherman

Over and Over Again


Download them all today at Multiply:

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