Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Now You Can Listen to Kurt Weller Twice as Simply - Just as Free!

The Kurt Weller Electronic Resource Center has found a new home at Multipy!

The Plaza of the Mind is just beginning to get acquainted with the Multiply service but so far so good!

The expectation is that it will now be easier for us to host multiple files in one location that is handsome to look at and easy to use!

So go ahead and check it out - we are now offering the four track Kurt Genius Memorial Songbook Collection to start you out on your Kurt Weller electronic audio collection!

I was cute at 19 as well...

A Sexy Symbol for Death and Rebirth

The young lady strapped her assignment to her chest and they thought that it was some sort of bomb.

The police say she is lucky it turned out as well as it did.

This all happened at an airport.
For me the airport as always represented success, so I would never dream of committing hi-jinx there. While at the airport I try to dress to the nines and read books that make me feel as though I am at the cusp.

Star Simpson most likely has a long and fruitful career ahead. I doubt that this story will cause the outrage that the people that reported the story were hoping for. I think they were going for some Jennifer Wilbanks and instead they got Sam Hooks.

Don't know about the Sam Hooks controversy?

My point exactly.

I was cute at 19 as well, I think I remember everything from back then but you can never really know. Did I do something like this as well?

Nothing that made it on the news.