Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Dream Agent K's Dream Geography Mapping Project

Grocery Store
[Location Unknown]

Tan tile floors
Huge floorplan
Unable to see beginning or end of supermarket from area I stood at
Dim lighting
Owner: Shipper?

Somewhat upscale mixed with old fashioned supermarket design

Some teenagers played pranks on me near Brach's Candy Kiosk placing their empty drink cups in my empty paper bag

The pranks were in good fun

A young African American male smiled at me broadly when I found his cup in my bag. I patted him on the shoulder and he walked off with a giggle.

The Working Hospital
[Location Unknown]

Basic Hospital lighting - depending on space - mostly Brutalist style architecture
Huge floorplan
Unable to see beginning or end of hospital from area I stood at but almost always seem to be in a large room with various exits
Dim lighting in the carpeted areas - somewhat brighter lighting in tile floored areas and the walls are stained

Owner: The Corporation?

I work at a hospital in Darwinian Space

The Working Hospital seems to combine aspects of all the hospitals I have ever worked in along with a touch of the ubiquitous Shin Megami Tensei hospital

The Working Hospital is quite large in every aspect and sort of seems to have no end, in many dreams I simply continue walking through corridor upon corridor with no stop.

It seems to be inhabited by people and patients I have met in the past. I rarely see anybody new in the Working Hospital [unless they are composites]

Dream Geography Mapping Project: