Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Plaza of the Mind Guide to Free End of Summer Intertainment!

People often ask me 'what are you into these days? I find you quite interesting and I think that whatever Outside Channels you're intaking might scratch me where I itch.'

The following is a list of things that I have found particularly interesting this month [and all of them are FREE!]

Elle Bandita is an interesting young musician from Rotterdam:

If you like the song as much as I do you can download it for free from her official page:

Click on the pink banner that says 'The Game' [and Aloha if you want to check out her other stuff]
This might not be suitable for the kids under fifteen or sixteen...


Back in high school I prided myself for my Twitch Gaming skills. I liked shooters [the kids call them shmups these days - go figure] - fast paced, lots of explosions, etc.

I have not found a really great shooter since Bangai-O [though Ikaruga was solid] until yesterday when I stumbled upon Fraxy [the page is in Japanese but you can download the game on the top left there] an independent [and totally FREE!] shooter for PC.

Give it a try - it's as awesome as it looks - and it's fast and loud!

This is suitable for kids of all ages! [unless you're one of those bleeding heart types that has a stick up their ass about videogames.]


If there are any fans out there of Redd Kross then you are in for a treat! You can download the thirty minute film 'Bitchin' Ass' at the Redd Kross official site [it's on the right there] for FREE.

Jeff and Steven are still as cute [and hot!] as ever and the movie is quite funny [it includes a bit about a sequel to the old cult TV favorite Small Wonder that you have to see to believe!]

This might not be suitable for the kids under fifteen or sixteen...

and lastly but not leastly....


If you like , Star Wars [and I know you do!], you might dig the new fan film entitled 'Broken Allegiance'.

The film takes place between Episodes IV and V and features two Sith trainees who decided to break away from Darth Vader's Sith Academy. If there had ever been a Star Wars TV Show in the mid-eighties it probably would have been a lot like this [and would have rocked!].



And on the quick technical side, if you, like me, do not care at all for QuickTime you may wish to download:


It looks and plays like the old Windows Media Player from Windows 98 but handles MOV files [which both the Redd Kross and Star Wars films are available in] without that annoying 'I can't watch my vids in full-screen Apple computer bullcrap!]


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