Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Debi Neal at 365 Days -2- Project

I have decided that when I disagree with a review over at the 365 Days -2- Project I should probably do something about it.

The reason I am posting this is because I really enjoyed this 10" Picture Disc and thought that all of you Plazniks [or Plaznoids - see the new Poll at right] out there might dig it.

I am quite appreciative that this disc was uploaded by the Swillman, and here is the first paragraph of his review:

I received this record through an associate of Bill Mumy (the kid from Lost in Space, and more recently, one half of Barnes & Barnes as his alter-ego, Art Barnes). It seems that back in 1981, Mumy and a bunch of his friends somehow got together with this Debi Neal person (probably the girlfriend of one of them, pffft) and recorded this 13-minute, ten-inch(!) picture disc. Apparently only 250 copies were made, and I own number 63. Too good to just have regular black vinyl and a picture sleeve, huh? And there's no reason this EP couldn't have fit on a 7", either. As such, since it is a picture disc, I apologize for the high amounts of surface noise.

Plazniks [or Plaznoids - make your voice heard!!] out there will know that I have always been a fan of Mr. Mumy's and so was very excited that this rare item has seen the light of the day. The Swillman did not, however, share my enthusiasm for the record. You can read the original review [as well as download the tracks] here. Lighten the Shadows is by far my favorite cut.

The Plaza of the Mind review of this record:

I have to say that I couldn't disagree more with the harsh critique of Debi - this is quite the gem - recalling the finest of eighties pop melancholy - and it has that tone that hits me in the chest. Reminds me of E.G. Daily at her best... though... I'm not saying that the picture disc didn't help a little.