Sunday, July 22, 2007

T A T U M meets M O T H M A N

Tatum entered the foyer of the hotel looking for the guy from the entertainment magazine. She was nervous because she had not done an interview for quite some time and was afraid that this interviewer would pull some sort of dirt search.

As she walked through the lobby she noticed a tall man in a long grey coat wearing dark sunglasses though she was convinced that she could see two red eyes beaming from behind the black lenses. She stopped in front of him and peered into his glasses. She was unsure why she was doing this but felt that he was okay with it. She thought that he wanted her to be doing this.

He opened up his coat and she was horrified to see that instead of a body, it appeared that there was a thick cloud seeping up through the lapels. He slowly enveloped her in his arms and she smiled. She was going to be taken care of....

Meanwhile - in the Penthouse of the hotel, J---- M--l B------- was embracing ---------- in a long and meaningful hug. J---- was shirtless and ---- marveled at how smooth the young man's back was.
Tatum stepped into the the world of the Mothman and looked around. She was on the beach and it felt lightly breezy. But it wasn't salty like the ocean - it was strangely fresh and stagnant at the same time.

Wilkommen to Lake Michigan.

She turned around to face E----- R-------.
I thought you were the d------ f--. She said.


Don't follow him Tatum!

She turned to see ---- racing towards her through the fog.

You must return with me to the hotel - the Mothman has confused you again.

Tatum nodded.

she said, Okay.

We can slowly feel Tatum slipping back to us and we feel uplifted and content. We've always loved Tatum

-from a Point Pleasant Chamber of Commerce Post Card
Point Pleasant, West Virginia

Time Keeps Tickin' Away

They tore down the catwalk
They tore down Hong Kong Inn
They tore down Sir Loin's
They tore down The Clock
They tore down German Village
They tore down Great Day
They tore down the Weather Ball
They tore down the City Centre
They tore down Mad Cat
They tore down Tylon Video

Project N - 10 Year Anniversary Special Project

Project N - 10 Year Anniversary Special Project

'Something is Watching Us!' cried Denise Stingley to her Special Boy.


Kurt Weller

Chapter One

6427 Words

Available [Here]

Author's Note:

I began this work in the winter of 1996 and finished it sometime in 1997. The original title was 198x - I had several friends and colleagues read it and, though rough, they all seemed to enjoy it. However, as the years drug on and I kept myself from attempting to publish again and again I began to doubt the original version and began an updated draft. I did away with many of the more Science Fiction stylings and aimed the story more towards an everyday level. I also did away with all of the Pop Cultural references and all of the profanity and changed the title from the admittedly Orwell inspired 198x to the more obscurely referenced (I'll never tell) 'Something is Watching Us!' cried Denise Stingley to her Special Boy.

Inspired by my friend and colleague Greg Lester's Story of the Month, I decided to publish chapters of my new work The Sinkers under the Plaza of the Mind: Project N moniker.

But as I began work on The Sinkers it struck me that The Sinkers was becoming a sequel of sorts to my original story 'Something is Watching Us!' cried Denise Stingley to her Special Boy - and so I decided that this would be the perfect opportunity to - now knowing how the original story will ultimately end - finish the revision of the first installment.

This will be the final version.

When it has been published in its entirety it will be self-published in book form and made available here at the Plaza of the Mind. I am happy, because this comes as sort of an end to a long debate I have had in my head for the last decade - to seek approval of publishers and send out manuscripts or to self-publish.

The modest successes I have made here at the Plaza of the Mind have kind of made the decision for me (anyway - do you actually think anyone would publish a book with a title like: 'Something is Watching Us!' cried Denise Stingley to her Special Boy besides the brave men and women here at the Plaza of the Mind?)

I hope you enjoy...

Kurt Weller