Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Strange Things are afoot at the Circle K

If one were to map out their life based upon architectural events at what point would a man about to celebrate his 36th birthday fall?

If I had the resources I would construct a perfect Convenience Store, a fully stocked, functioning and clean Circle K [maybe to indulge my midwestern Bill and Ted fantasies of a better life out West].

I would surround the convenience store with a large Richard Serra type enclosure - no one could go into the convenience store. It would be guarded 24 hours a day.

At a certain point the bills would no longer be paid and the lights would flicker off.

Along with the refrigeration.

The soda dispensers would loose their carbonation and the syrup would slowly ooze out.

The rotting food and sugar would attract insects and rodents who would make this Circle K their new home.

When storms came and broke windows or flooded the store no one would be there to do repairs.

No one could stop weeds growing inside the store as the Circle K fell further and further away from its human creators - and no

o n e

would be there to see it because of the large copper plated wall surrounding it all.

And then of course - after so many years - after I had passed on and my claim on that little piece of property had long since vanished. And my children died and my grandchildren died - someone would show up with crowbars to tear down the wall and they would find the most magnificent garden...