Friday, June 29, 2007

I Think I Understand It Stephen

I really can relate to your reasons and I wonder if the truth behind all of it is really as simple as it has been portrayed in the interviews and the film.

I remember what it was like during my childhood, when I felt the need to act clandestinely at all moments, when the actions I did were nothing compared to the actions required to cover it all up. I always felt like the eye of God was looking down upon me from up high, piercing through the clouds and the roof and the ceiling into my childhood bedroom.

Nothing made me feel good except for Second Wind [You're Only Human] by Billy Joel.

Did you like that song too Stephen?

You're only a year younger than myself. I wonder if we would have gotten along.

Let me explain the image. You'll notice the white-out. I am trying to recall, in the viewers mind - at least, the end of time as expressed by the large anti-matter wave in the 1985 comic work Crisis on Infinite Earths as well as 1988's Akira.

I wonder if that is what the end of time will resemble? Will it be a huge white-out or will it be a black-out?

I wonder if we will meet in a thousand years after our bodies have been frozen, dissected and re-assembled into new plasticine containers. I would want mine to be modeled on my body c. 1992.

In the future will they appreciate people that have no real purpose on this planet but to entertain or disgust? Can we freeze ourselves and get to that point together?

I see a lot of similarities though I consider myself to be the opposite of a sociopath in that I care about people too much. They have labeled you a sociopath - do you feel that is a fair assessment? I think that may be a bit of an oversimplification.

No one will ever get it though, will they?

What it feels like to be under that scrutinizing eye all of the time.