Thursday, June 28, 2007

I Dream of Stephen Glass Visting my Brutalist Style Home in Early Autumn

From time to time my mind takes me back to author Stephen Glass. I had never heard of him until I had seen the film Shattered Glass starring Hayden Christensen, however, this led me to pick up Glass' novel The Fabulist which I found highly intriguing.

Stephen Glass seems like quite a likable person. Many would say that that is just one of many manipulative walls that the sociopath Glass has placed around him.

The thing is, I like the reality that Glass created in his articles. He had a talent for fabricating intricate truths that fans of politics lapped up like cream. I honestly don't understand what the huge controversy was. So he presented fabricated stories as truth. So he ruined the reputations of political movers and shakers. So what?

Glass wrote an article about a fundamentalist church that worshiped George Bush: now whether or not such a church exists seems to me quite beside the point. The idea, however, is truly inspired.

The New Republic shouldn't have fired Glass, they should have hired a bunch of his friends and turned the magazine into a sort of avant garde literary journal.

But really, isn't that what journalism is anyway?