Sunday, June 24, 2007

Celebrating One Year and Over Three Thousand Views!

I started the Plaza of the Mind one year ago this evening. I had just attended a Bob Larson exorcism and was feeling the need to share it with the world.

Since high school I have kept a journal in one form or another and have a large box filled with drawings, thoughts and stories to prove it. I have been going back over these works for the last few years and they divided themselves up into three main sections:

The Green Notebook [198x-1996]
The P-Journal [1996-2004]
and the C-Journal [2004-2006]

I consider the Plaza of the Mind to be the latest incarnation of this activity - an electronic version of the journal I have always kept - Part Four, I suppose.

To be quite honest - Part Four is easily my favorite in that it has kept me more focused than ever and it is a heck of a lot easier to carry around.

The mind boggling leaps in Private Computing and technology in general have made it possible for me to collage and comment upon the world like never before - plus, I get to share it with people from all over the globe.
I had always meant to do a 'zine and had actually started a few of them but lacked the initiative to finish them. I feel that the Plaza of the Mind has taken care of the need to self-publish and has done so in a way that has gained more viewers than any xeroxed pamphlet could have. Here I can include Audio and Video, Pages upon pages of Text as well as Full Color Images.

And it costs nothing.

I had several ideas of how to usher in the new year but I think I am going to just keep going as I have been and hope for the best. Hopefully my audience will grow broader and my writings will grow better.
I have many great things planned for Year Two of the Plaza of the Mind:

  • A rather in-depth interview with the delightful actor, poet, artist and author Stefene Russell...
  • Part Two of my interview with Para-MediaEcologist Bob Dobbs...
  • Friendly discussions with Negativland's Don Joyce as well as Sound Artist David Newfeld.
  • The Plaza of the Mind Annual, a print-collection of the best of year one, cleaned and annotated for your convenience.
  • A monthly Closed Circuit Audio Discussion with colleague and collaborator Greg Lester, as well as an interview with him detailing his own Audio and Literary works.
  • Look Out Below! - A thirteen part sitcom about a Nulcear Missile silo based on my Stand-Up comedy works.
  • And of course, the usual absurdity, arrogance and self-aggrandizement you have all come to expect from Me and my Plaza of the Mind!
  • Also, don't be surprised if that pesky Dean Bodbeil shows up once in awhile, I've been trying to keep him at an arm's length but that kid has chutzpah!

...Thanks so much - and please keep coming back for more!