Monday, December 31, 2007

A Labor of Sitting

there was something strange about her mouth, the teeth seemed to be very close to her lips, as if the space that is usually between the teeth and lips was cut in half, leaving the lips to act like nothing more than what an eyelid does for an eye. It seems like that same type of function, her eyes were really pretty.
-Kurt Weller 1995

Friday, December 28, 2007

Introducing Janet

And herein lies the tragedy, as Janet’s enemy doesn’t lie within the jeering mockery of her peers or the authoritarian disapproval of her mother, for neither exists. Janet’s enemy is herself, her low self-esteem, the fact that she exists presupposing that her small world shares the same disapproving feelings about her that she feels. She projects this upon them in such a way that she feels as though she needs to play the fool to their court of popularity, in the case of Tony, she feels that she needs to degrade the very things she loves and envies most about him in front of her friends.

In this world the nightclubs are friendly and youth oriented. There is no seedy underbelly that would ever imagine hurting Janet.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry XMAS from the Plaza of the Mind

When I was in fifth grade my public school teacher criticized me for the use of XMAS instead of Christmas on a card that I was designing.

She stated that placing an X in lieu of Christ was a blasphemy.

Merry XMAS Mrs. Butler!

And Merry XMAS to all who may enter my Plaza of the Mind!

Friday, December 21, 2007

10,000 Visits! Can You Believe It?

I just wanted to drop a note of thanks for all 10,000* of you who have visited my Plaza of the Mind. What a great way to start the new year!

I know I have been a tad M.I.A. over the past month but I promise that I will get back to my more frequent schedule of seven-day-a-week outpourings!

Hope to see you all at 20,000!

*The 10,000 count is based on individual IP address hits to this site. Whether or not this represents 10,000 exclusive souls is difficult to ascertain. But I'll take it.

'Deadline Bob' - COPPER SCARF 外伝 [gaiden]

A flash of copper

the night air is cut by the beautiful copper element

not oxidized but it will be soon

this is the property of copper anemia

he is all of our hopes and the only thing standing between

the thing between the only

the Copper Scarf







This is the sidestory

This is the prequel

This is the story of 'Deadline' Bob before his return to Ann Arbor in 1978.

This is the story of his exploits in the year of our lord 1991.

This is part of the riddle.

Have you figured it out yet?

Thursday, December 20, 2007

POtM's 'If It Were Up To Me' Series Part Two: The Gunslinger starring Ralph Fiennes

I get more of a Ralph Fiennes vibe from Roland than your average Spaghetti Western type. I think that Roland, being not only a gunslinger but a sort of knight as well would necessitate the type of gentlemanly poise that Mr. Fiennes is known and loved for.

POtM's 'If It Were Up To Me' Series Part One:
I'll Take My Solaris Remake with a Touch of Alexander Please.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Addendum to The Plaza of the Mind Interview with Greg Duffell of the International Connection!

Sunday, December 23rd marks the triumphal return of Greg Duffell and Daniel Besharat and the International Connection Radio Show to Toronto radio after a fourteen month forced absence. As a result of a mediation session this past Friday with CKLN, Greg and Daniel's lawsuit with the station was settled under terms that we will provide to you in the New Year.

Greg and Daniel wish to thank all listeners and friends for the amazing support that they have provided and we hope you will tune in on the 23rd at 8:30 am. Best wishes to everyone for a great 2008.

Greg Duffell

Daniel Besharat

The International Connection
with Greg Duffell and Daniel Besharat

Sundays 8:30 - 10:30 am
88.1 FM Toronto

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Kurt Weller's 1985 Cockroach Armor idea may finally be vindicated at the Harry Keeler Annual Short Story Competition!

In 1985 my biology teacher refused to answer me when I asked him if it would be possible to construct cockroach armor to help stop a lethal dose of radiation from an atomic bomb blast.

He looked at me and then looked away. He did it in a deliberately slow and contemptuous manner.

He soon after quit teaching.

Several years later, when I was a Compact Disc Hock-Jock at a local record store, he came in with a stunningly beautiful African-American woman. She was at least a head taller than he and looked as though this was a blind date. He was bald and had a thick Cop Mustache. I gave him the nod and he nodded back. He couldn't seem to place me.

'How have you been Coach?'

'Pretty well,' he stammered nervously.

'Last night I dreamed that in fifteen years I am going to write a short story version of my Cockroach Armor idea and it is going to win the annual Imitate Harry Keeler award,' I said to him, 'I will not remember this moment again until I discover Harry Keeler nor will I have thought of the armor but it will flood back to me at the right moment.'

He looks at his date and then looks away, heading for the R&B.

'Maybe you should head that way coach,' I said, gesturing towards the easy listening section, 'Manilow is on sale for the rest of the month.'

His date looked back with a broad smile and a wink.

On November 24th I found this post at PCL Link Dump:

HARRY STEPHEN KEELER (1890-1967) is one of the strangest writers who ever lived. In his time, he was pegged as a mystery novelist who also wrote some science fiction. Today, if you've heard of him at all, it's as the Ed Wood of mystery novelists, a writer reputed to be so bad he's good.

Some typical Keeler situations:

*A man is found strangled to death in the middle of a lawn, yet there are no footprints other than his own. Police suspect the "Flying Strangler-Baby," a killer midget who disguises himself as a baby and stalks victims by helicopter. (X. Jones of Scotland Yard, 1936)

*A disgruntled phone company employee calls every man in Minneapolis, telling him the morning papers will name him as the secret husband of convicted murderess Jemimah Cobb, who runs a whorehouse specializing in women with physical abnormalities. (The Man With the Magic Eardrums, 1939)

I followed the link to the Harry Stephen Keeler Society and discovered the aforementioned Imitate Harry Keeler Award that I had dreamed about in 1992.

There will be an update.

'Deadline' Bob MASTER of A n n A r b o r 1978 = APPROACH SWEI - REDUX

I'm standing right here people...

This image is inserted into frame in which the friends are standing outside of the coffee shop. This occurs on page one of the deadline bob story arch.

I have since decided that the first version of the Deadline Bob story was inappropriate for the printed medium. Eventually I would like to see the Deadline Bob story in print form. Deadline bob has a new face and the future narrative may be a bit less user-friendly but I trust you will find it more entertaining. I will continue to alter the existing pages and post notes on the progress here.

Monday, December 03, 2007