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Now You Can Listen to Kurt Weller Twice as Simply - Just as Free!

The Kurt Weller Electronic Resource Center has found a new home at Multipy!

The Plaza of the Mind is just beginning to get acquainted with the Multiply service but so far so good!

The expectation is that it will now be easier for us to host multiple files in one location that is handsome to look at and easy to use!

So go ahead and check it out - we are now offering the four track Kurt Genius Memorial Songbook Collection to start you out on your Kurt Weller electronic audio collection!

I was cute at 19 as well...

A Sexy Symbol for Death and Rebirth

The young lady strapped her assignment to her chest and they thought that it was some sort of bomb.

The police say she is lucky it turned out as well as it did.

This all happened at an airport.
For me the airport as always represented success, so I would never dream of committing hi-jinx there. While at the airport I try to dress to the nines and read books that make me feel as though I am at the cusp.

Star Simpson most likely has a long and fruitful career ahead. I doubt that this story will cause the outrage that the people that reported the story were hoping for. I think they were going for some Jennifer Wilbanks and instead they got Sam Hooks.

Don't know about the Sam Hooks controversy?

My point exactly.

I was cute at 19 as well, I think I remember everything from back then but you can never really know. Did I do something like this as well?

Nothing that made it on the news.

Exciting News from the Outer Channels... and it's FREE!

If you had trouble understanding David Lynch's latest masterpiece Inland Empire, you might want to check out Para Media Ecologist Bob Dobb's three hour audio commentary here:

Inland Empire Audio Commentary by Scott and Bob.


Dream Agent K's Dream Geography Mapping Project

Grocery Store
[Location Unknown]

Tan tile floors
Huge floorplan
Unable to see beginning or end of supermarket from area I stood at
Dim lighting
Owner: Shipper?

Somewhat upscale mixed with old fashioned supermarket design

Some teenagers played pranks on me near Brach's Candy Kiosk placing their empty drink cups in my empty paper bag

The pranks were in good fun

A young African American male smiled at me broadly when I found his cup in my bag. I patted him on the shoulder and he walked off with a giggle.


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#2The Working Hospital
[Location Unknown]

Basic Hospital lighting - depending on space - mostly Brutalist style architecture
Huge floorplan
Unable to see beginning or end of hospital from area I stood at but almost always seem to be in a large room with various exits
Dim lighting in the carpeted areas - s…

It Is A Process

Teacher in Bold

Student in Normal

Only when the instructor lay prostrate before themselves can they truly find the reality of self.

Is this the case even for those of spiritual talent.

Even more so, the spiritualist looks deep within on a consistent basis and soon finds herself without equal in the world of the Darwinians.

They are still referred to as Darwinians, I thought by now they would have had a new title.


Sound too much like a career.

The holy have always had the best libraries.

That continues to be the case, however, the holy will soon see that they are not the holiest of all...


Well, soon Mr. S will lie prostrate before Mr. D and they will realize that everything is A-OK.

We can only hope.


this is loosely based on Erik Satie's 1916 work Parade.

Kurt Weller on Film

Death Wish 2

Paul Kearsy seems to be losing control as the action of this film plays out. After trying to make a fresh start in Los Angeles, his housekeeper and daughter are raped and murdered by a gang of hoodlums, mirroring the events that first transformed the low key architect into a vigilante in the first film. This time, however, he is able to track down the actual perpetrators of the crime and he hunts them down, one at a time, using an economy of action and dialogue in doing so. My father was always a huge fan of Charles Bronson, and I am beginning to understand why. Bronson is a man of action, he doesn’t spend a lot of time talking about what he is going to do, he simply does it without fanfare. He keeps his post-kill quipping to a minimum and seems to respect the gravity of his actions, not killing so much to make himself feel better as much as to simply clean the streets.

Zero Woman – Dangerous Game

This film excels when we are allowed to inhabit Agent Zero’s apartment …

The Cathartic Release of Outer Channel Weight

I sold 85% of my vinyl records yesterday. I carried two heavy boxes of vinyl and cardboard to one of the last record stores and received money for them. I felt like the weight had been lifted from my chest. I used to so love the Vinyl LP and its cover but I now find the whole medium tedious and depressing. I looked out across the floor of the record store and saw all of this plastic and vinyl and realized I was so happy that these items would be here for evermore rather than taking up both physical and psychological space at home.

I also sold off 85% of my compact discs. The compact disc packaging is every bit as ridiculous as the vinyl LP. The plastic and paper and the images all seem so unnecessary. For the past several years I have thought that the recording artist would be better served to release the music digitally and if they need images or notes to accompany the songs they could release an annual detailing their musical outpourings for that year.

I am happy to see the cha…

The Plaza of the Mind Interview with Negativland's Don Joyce!

I picked up a copy of Negativland's Escape From Noise back in 1991 or 1992 and it was really unlike anything I had heard before. It was like a smörgåsbord of found snippets of dialogue mixed with upbeat rhythms and lyrics with a glazing of suburban humor. The band later went on to record albums such as Free, Dispepsi as well as the infamous The Letter U and the Numeral 2 (though not in that order).

Besides their musical work the band has long advocated for the fair use of electro-quoting and appropriating of images. Because of pioneers such as Negativland, the Tape-beatles and John Oswald younger suburban kids such as myself felt a sort of empowerment to have more of an active role in our intake of the outer channel media that came into our lives.

You think South Park Mexican's Wiggy sounds better slowed down? Slow it down! You think Aimee Mann's Say Anything sounds better with the last ten seconds cut out? Cut them out! You think it would be cool to see a version of …

Copper.... Back.... GET IT?

'Deadline' Bob MASTER of A n n A r b o r 1978

A new page has been released here...

The plot, the mystery... they have all thickened.

Father Robert Lisiewicz, 'Deadline' Bob has been transmigrated into the form of Copper Anemia...